Women's Studies (WSTD)

WSTD 220 – Women's & Gender Studies     3 credit hours

This course explores the interdisciplinary subject of Women's and Gender Studies where woman is understood as a category of analysis and gender is studied as a system of relations and power. Society's role in constructing gender, sexuality and race will also be explored, as will the idea that feminism is a historical process.

WSTD 420 – Senior Seminar in Women's Studies     3 credit hours

This course will allow students to pursue their major field of study in relation to women's studies. Under faculty direction, students will read independently, research, and write on a topic of interest. The seminar will meet to share research and to explore the larger issues of feminist theory.
Prerequisite: WSTD 220

WSTD 499 – Special Topics in Women's Studies     1-3 credit hours

Topics are studied which are not assigned or covered in other Women's Studies courses. The format of this course will vary depending on the topic, instructor and the needs of the students.
Total Credits Allowed: 3.00
Prerequisite: WSTD 220 or permission of instructor