Family Science (FAMS)

FAMS 126 – First Year Seminar     1 credit hour

The First-Year Seminar provides students with a multidisciplinary experience in which they approach an issue or problem from the perspective of three different academic differences. The First-Year Seminar will consist of three 1-credit hour courses taken as co-requisites in a single semester. The successful completion of all three courses satisfies the General Studies LOPER 1 course requirement. Students may take the First-Year Seminar in any discipline, irrespective of their major or minor. Students admitted as readmit students or transfer students who transfer 18 or more hours of General Studies credit to UNK are exempt from taking a LOPER 1 course.

FAMS 150 – Lifespan Development and the Family     3 credit hours

This course is designed to facilitate an initial, critical understanding of human development. Various aspects, themes, and influences of development are examined across the lifespan, with particular emphasis placed on the familial, cultural, cognitive, theoretical and physical aspects of the ever developing human.

FAMS 151 – Human Sexual Behavior     3 credit hours

A course designed to help the individual to understand himself as a whole person so that he relates to others in a healthy, constructive and meaningful manner. Evaluation of one's own values in relation to life-style and the value structure of society.

FAMS 188 – GS Portal     3 credit hours

Students analyze critical issues confronting individuals and society in a global context as they pertain to the discipline in which the Portal course is taught. The Portal is intended to help students succeed in their university education by being mentored in process of thinking critically about important ideas and articulating their own conclusions. Students may take the Portal in any discipline, irrespective of their major or minor. Satisfies the General Studies Portal course requirement. Students may take their Portal course in any discipline. Students who transfer 24 or more hours of General Studies credit to UNK are exempt from taking a portal course.
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00
Prerequisite: First year freshman standing or sophomore standing only.

FAMS 250 – Infant Development     3 credit hours

A study of growth and development, principles of guidance, and care of children from conception through two years of age including changing concepts affecting parenthood.

FAMS 251 – The Developing Child 0-8     3 credit hours

The course is designed to facilitate an in depth study of developmental processes from conception to age eight. Readings, lectures, and class discussions will provide students with a fundamental understanding of particular developmental stages using a multi-theoretical framework.

FAMS 253 – Child and Adolescent Development     3 credit hours

A study of the growth, maturational and developmental characteristics of children from early childhood through adolescence. Principles, examples and practical issues involved in the guidance of children through childhood through adolescence as they traverse various stages of psycho-social, cognitive and physical development.
Additional Course Fee Required

FAMS 280 – Field Experience: Diversity in the Profession     2 credit hours

The experience provides the student with an introduction to the diverse work world of Family Studies. It is designed to help the student to focus on a particular area in career preparation.

FAMS 302 – Parent Education     3 credit hours

The purpose of this course is to give students and understanding of parenting and the parent-child relationship from a theoretically-guided and research based perspective. Students also will gain a better understanding of the basic principles relating to the process of creating parent education materials and facilitating parent education programs. This course is designed to give students a base upon which to work with parents and to further develop parent education skills by applying and practicing concepts related to parenting and parent education.

FAMS 340 – Family Life Education     3 credit hours

The purpose of this course is to give students an understanding of the general philosophy and broad principles of family life education methodology. By the end of the course, students will have the ability to develop, facilitate, locate, and evaluate family life education programs. It is recommended that students take FSID 302: Parent Education before taking this course.

FAMS 351 – Marriage and Family Relationships     3 credit hours

A course designed to help the individual develop some very personal insight and a sensitive awareness about the feelings and meanings of relationships in love, marriage and family relationships.

FAMS 362 – Families and Social Policy     3 credit hours

The Study of social policy and its impact on families.

FAMS 380 – Advanced Nutrition     3 credit hours

The study of the cell and its nourishment, the metabolism of macronutrients, the regulatory nutrients, the impact of nutrients on homeostasis in body, and the design and interpretation of nutrition research.
Prerequisite: FAMS 110
Additional Course Fee Required

FAMS 395 – Individual Studies in FAMS     1-3 credit hours

Independent study of Family Studies to meet the needs of the student. For majors only.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 18.00

FAMS 402 – Research and Analysis in Family Science     3 credit hours

Analysis of major studies and current literature.
Prerequisite: FAMS 150 and junior standing or permission

FAMS 404 – Family Science Ethical and Professional Practice     3 credit hours

Research/grant acquisition, fundraising fundamentals and career preparation.
Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing

FAMS 406 – Family Resource Management     3 credit hours

Theory and experiences in management dealing with the problems of individual and family living.

FAMS 430 – Grantwriting and Fundraising for Human Service Programs     3 credit hours

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of grantwriting and fundraising including the principles of marketing used to identify need, locating funding sources, using persuasive technical writing to create a grant proposal and a fundraising plan, and preparing necessary budgets for allocation of resources available. The course includes hands-on experience in preparing a grant proposal and in creating effective fundraising campaigns.

FAMS 450 – The Aging Adult     3 credit hours

This course examines the various aspects of aging including the physical, psychological, and social issues of elders. These aspects of aging are examined from individual, cohort, family and global perspectives. Students explore and examine aging issues through the use of formal research, personal interviews, site visits, and agency presentations.

FAMS 465 – Advanced Study of Sexual Behaviors     3 credit hours

An in-depth survey of human sexual behavior from psychological, sociological, biological, ethological, historical, and economic perspectives
Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing

FAMS 475 – Internship     1-9 credit hours

Internship is defined as a set of variable experiences, inter- or intra-institutions to include clinical or work-related experiences. The purpose of this course is to provide experiences in the various areas of Family Studies. It provides students with opportunities for broader experience and enables them to develop competencies which meet requirements of professional accrediting agencies.
Total Credits Allowed: 12.00

FAMS 476 – Child & Family Home Visitation     3 credit hours

This course focuses on issues relevant to professionals engaged in home visits with families parenting infants and young children. The course is designed to enhance the skill set required to effectively work with diverse children and their families. Family empowerment and advocacy skills will be enhanced.
Prerequisite: FAMS 150 or FAMS 251 or FAMS 253 or permission of instructor

FAMS 481 – Cross-Cultural Family Patterns     3 credit hours

Comparative research of familial behavior and structural patterns of various cultures. Analysis and evaluation of the impact of differing cultures on societal and family interactions.

FAMS 486 – Families in Crisis     3 credit hours

This course enables Family Studies and other service and social support-oriented students to understand the trauma and recovery process associated with normative and catastrophic family crisis.
Prerequisite: FAMS 351 and junior standing or permission or permission of instructor

FAMS 490 – Special Problems in FAMS     3 credit hours

For Family Studies professionals who wish to update their understanding of accepted educational procedures and practices.

FAMS 492 – Advanced Developmental Theories     3 credit hours

Seminal as well as current developmental theories will be examined in depth. Particular emphasis will be placed on the most influential theories and their relevance to infant, child, and adolescent development. Prior completion of FAMS 150, 250 and 253 is highly recommended.
Prerequisite: Senior standing