Speech (SPCH)

SPCH 100 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication     3 credit hours

Study and practice of principles of public speaking.

SPCH 102 – Special Topics in Oral Communication     3 credit hours

This course will introduce students to the study and practice of special topics in oral communication.

SPCH 126 – First Year Seminar     1 credit hour

The First-Year Seminar provides students with a multidisciplinary experience in which they approach an issue or problem from the perspective of three different academic differences. The First-Year Seminar will consist of three 1-credit hour courses taken as co-requisites in a single semester. The successful completion of all three courses satisfies the General Studies LOPER 1 course requirement. Students may take the First-Year Seminar in any discipline, irrespective of their major or minor. Students admitted as readmit students or transfer students who transfer 18 or more hours of General Studies credit to UNK are exempt from taking a LOPER 1 course.

SPCH 154 – Cross-Cultural Communication     3 credit hours

This course is designed to provide students with effective cross-cultural communication skills.

SPCH 188 – GS Portal     3 credit hours

Students analyze critical issues confronting individuals and society in a global context as they pertain to the discipline in which the Portal course is taught. The Portal is intended to help students succeed in their university education by being mentored in process of thinking critically about important ideas and articulating their own conclusions. Students may take the Portal in any discipline, irrespective of their major or minor. Satisfies the General Studies Portal course requirement. Students may take their Portal course in any discipline. Students who transfer 24 or more hours of General Studies credit to UNK are exempt from taking a portal course.
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00
Prerequisite: First year freshman standing or sophomore standing only.

SPCH 201 – Classical Traditions in the Communicative Arts     3 credit hours

A study of the contributions of the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome to the arts of communication: rhetoric and oratory, theatre and interpretation, and a study of classical influences on modern communication.

SPCH 202 – Communication Concepts in Society     3 credit hours

A survey of the basic concepts of communication through application to different contexts and through examination of literature and methods in communication research.

SPCH 205 – Voice and Articulation     3 credit hours

Designed to improve voice articulation and projection.

SPCH 222 – Oral Interpretation of Literature     3 credit hours

Performing from great literature, developing close appreciation of the aesthetic elements of prose, poetry, and drama from the performing artist's viewpoint.

SPCH 230 – Nonverbal Communication     3 credit hours

Study of principles and effects of nonverbal communication.

SPCH 231 – Introduction to Forensics and Debate     3 credit hours

Study of debate and individual events procedures focused on skills of investigation and presentation.

SPCH 237 – Intercollegiate Debate and Forensics     1-4 credit hours

For students interested in intercollegiate debate and individual events tournaments.
Total Credits Allowed: 4.00

SPCH 252 – Communication Inquiry     3 credit hours

Improve researching skills by applying knowledge of experimental design to analyze, evaluate, and interpret research writing within the Communication field.
Prerequisite: SPCH 202 or instructor approval

SPCH 270 – Advanced Public Speaking     3 credit hours

This course will provide advanced work in speaker's delivery regarding: voice, body language, gestures, and facial expression. Two aspects of language will be considered: technical and influential. Speechwriting as a skill and a profession will be introduced. Speeches in the impromptu, extemporaneous and manuscript style will be presented by the students.
Prerequisite: SPCH 100

SPCH 280H – Special Topics-Honors     3 credit hours

SPCH 300 – Interpersonal and Relational Communication     3 credit hours

Study of interpersonal and relational communication including the role of verbal and nonverbal communication in relationship development and maintenance, conflict management and interpersonal influence.

SPCH 301 – Introduction to Organizational Communication     3 credit hours

Students in this course will be introduced to the constitutive role that communication plays within organizational settings through studying the various theoretical approaches of the organizational communication discipline.

SPCH 332 – Logic Argumentation and Reasoning     3 credit hours

An examination of theories of practical logic with emphasis on rational decision making.

SPCH 340 – Professional Communication     3 credit hours

The course is designed to have a student consider his/her future career and the communication skills necessary in order to be successful in that career. The following skills will be presented: professional presentation skills, exploration of professional development topics that will aid interviewers to be effective, research into potential career opportunities, creation of an online resume, preparing for and conducting of a virtual job interview. The student will develop an online video profile that supplements their job application and resume.
Prerequisite: General Studies oral communication skills requirement and either junior standing or instructor approval
Additional Course Fee Required

SPCH 360 – Persuasion and Propaganda     3 credit hours

The study and practice of persuasion.

SPCH 370 – Small Group Communication     3 credit hours

Study of small group communication theory and participation in various types of group discussion and activities.

SPCH 380 – Rhetorical Criticism     3 credit hours

Study of how to understand the consequences of persuasive communication, how to evaluate its quality, and how to be an effective agent of change.

SPCH 400 – The Teaching of Speech     3 credit hours

A methods course dealing with practical aspects of structuring and planning a speech-theatre program in the secondary schools.

SPCH 401 – Seminar: Special Topics     1-3 credit hours

Course work on a specific topic of communication designed by the teacher.
Total Credits Allowed: 15.00

SPCH 430 – Story Analysis: Investigating Myths and Narratives     3 credit hours

Storytelling is representative of the human experience itself. Through storytelling, we build communities, create shared values, facilitate empathy, and develop trust. Personal narratives allow us to share our experiences, connect with others, and convey nuanced meaning. While myths, those grand stories that have withstood the test of time, convey important values and lessons for living life. These communicative approaches play an important role in shaping society, culture, and individual experiences. Through analysis of such myths and narratives, we have opportunities to see ourselves within the role of actors, to derive meaning that can be applied in our own experiences, and to enhance our understanding of and connection with others.

SPCH 435 – Introduction to Health Communication     3 credit hours

This course will survey the most common areas of health communication, including patient-provider communication, interpersonal health communication, and health campaigns. We will cover the major theories and lines of inquiry in the field. We will also discuss case studies and ways to apply the material to real-life skills.

SPCH 445 – Diffusion of Innovations     3 credit hours

Diffusion of Innovations examines the adoption of innovations by individuals in a social system from the perspective of a communication based model. Examples of innovations include fashion trends, campaign slogans, communication technologies, hygiene practices, birth control, farming practices, hybrid powered automobiles, types of government rule (democracy) and genetically engineered foods. The diffusion phenomenon is examined emphasizing social and individual points of view. Class sessions are mostly based on lecture, with some discussion. Assessment tools include exams, case studies, and a final semester project. The final project will be presented to the class.

SPCH 450 – Language and Social Change     3 credit hours

The course introduces students to the role of information, communication and the media in development and social change. To put development into context, the course looks at theories in development and how these have influenced the different development communication approaches used at various times. Students will explore: the concept of participatory communication; global debates about development; the digital divide; development policy frameworks at the global, regional and national levels. Communication of issues pertinent to sustainable development will be addressed including environment, population, gender, poverty and conflict management.
Prerequisite: SPCH 252

SPCH 451 – Leadership Communication     3 credit hours

In today's dynamic, global work environment, leaders need to be able to communicate effectively with people located in the same geographical location or located anywhere across the globe. This course offers students an opportunity to evaluate and utilize numerous communication options to develop an authentic, powerful, leadership voice using interpersonal, technology-mediated, and intercultural communication competencies and techniques.

SPCH 452 – Advanced Organizational Communication     3 credit hours

This course will help us examine how communication works within the organizations that we belong to. We will explore what constitutes healthy organizations, how you can effectively lead and contribute to your organization, how to conduct analyses of organizations, how to effectively and efficiently communicate in organizations, and how to ethically work within your organizational culture. Experiential Learning
Prerequisite: SPCH 301

SPCH 453 – Interviewing     3 credit hours

Theories and techniques of interviewing, including information gathering, employment, appraisal and persuasive interviewing.

SPCH 454 – Intercultural Communication     3 credit hours

Study of communication across cultures.

SPCH 455 – Communication Training and Consulting     3 credit hours

A study of how to plan, conduct and evaluate communication training and development programs within the organization.

SPCH 456 – Rhetorical Theory     3 credit hours

Historical study of theories of persuasive communication from early Greek and Roman times.

SPCH 457 – Contemporary Rhetorical Theory     3 credit hours

Modern rhetorical theories.

SPCH 459 – Organizational & Relational Communication Senior Practicum     3 credit hours

The capstone in communication is intended to serve as a culminating experience for communication majors. Students will engage in a significant service project that will lead to assignments that allow them to integrate their experiences across different courses, apply the written and oral communication skills they have learned, and engage in professional development.
Prerequisite: Senior status as an Organizational and Relational Communication major.

SPCH 460 – Independent Study and Research     1-4 credit hours

Investigation of selected problems or topics on an individual basis. Obtain form from the Department office.
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00

SPCH 475 – Internship     1-6 credit hours

In-depth study for advanced students through practical experience in the business and professional world in the area of speech communication.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00

SPCH 499 – Communication Theory     3 credit hours

An overview of theory and major theorists in the field of communication.