Social Science (SOSC)

SOSC 288 – Modes of Inquiry Social Sciences     3 credit hours

Examines the role of the social sciences in today's society. Students will explore how social and behavioral science knowledge is created using empirical research methods. Additionally, students will learn how to apply social science concepts to solving contemporary societal problems.

SOSC 370 – Social Science of the High School     3 credit hours

Techniques and materials for junior and senior high school social science. Basic knowledge of at least one field of the social sciences presupposed. Usually taken in the semester prior to the student teaching semester.
Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education

SOSC 444 – International Studies Institute     1-6 credit hours

This course will provide opportunities for study as offered by the International Studies Program.
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00

SOSC 456 – Regional Field Study     1-4 credit hours

This course is designed to give students a first hand acquaintance with the history, the physical, cultural and economic geography of a particular area of the world.
Total Credits Allowed: 4.00

SOSC 499 – Pro Sem in Soc Sci     1-4 credit hours

Open to majors in any of the social sciences.
Total Credits Allowed: 4.00