Ethnic Studies (ETHS)

ETHS 101 – Introduction to Ethnic Studies     3 credit hours

This course focuses on the historical development, perspectives, and cultural expressions of U.S. minority groups. Consideration will be given to key concepts including race, ethnicity, nationality, class and power, and the interactions among them.

ETHS 370 – Research in Ethnic Studies     3 credit hours

Under faculty guidance, students will conceive and carry out a semester-long project of research or creative activity in Ethnic Studies. It may be possible to cross-list this research course with compatible research/independent study courses from other disciplines.
Prerequisite: ETHS 101

ETHS 450 – Senior Seminar in Comparative Ethnic Studies     3 credit hours

A capstone coures for students minoring in Ethnic Studies. Utilizing the projects developed by students in ETHS 370, this interdisciplinary seminar will draw connections between prior Ethnic Studies courses and student research while examinng contemporary theory, issues, and events through lecture and seminar discussion.
Prerequisite: ETHS 101 and ETHS 370