Learning Skills (LNSK)

LNSK 75 – Learning Skills     1 credit hour

These five-week, on-line classes are open to all students seeking to develop specific skill sets, including study skills, time management, listening and note taking, test taking, reading improvement, and critical thinking. Because of the variety of short courses available, students can take as many as three on-line classes in the same semester. All work is done through Blackboard. The classes are graded credit/no credit and apply towards full-time enrollment but do not count toward graduation.
Total Credits Allowed: 18.00

LNSK 103 – University Foundations     3 credit hours

This semester-long, transition class is strongly recommended for first year and transfer students. Course topics include clarifying educational and personal goals, developing self-awareness, exploring majors and careers, getting involved in campus life, approaching new challenges, understanding university resources, studying at a college level, reading and test taking tips, writing and speaking strategies, managing time effectively, critical thinking, and financial literacy. Credits earned in this graded course may be counted as electives toward graduation.

LNSK 117 – Freshman Seminar     1 credit hour

The Freshman Seminar is designed to enhance students' skills and complement their academic programs, enabling them to be successful, engaged members of the academic community at UNK. The seminar is intended to help students transition from high school to college. Credit does not count toward any degree.