Learning Skills (LNSK)

LNSK 103 – Foundations for Learning     3 credit hours

This academic skills course concentrates on helping with the transition to doing college level work. Course topics include an interdisciplinary focus on reading, writing, and communicating at a collegiate level. The culmination of the class will pertain to utilizing these higher-level academic skills in effective learning strategies, test-taking, and writing research. The course also encourages students to build transferable critical thinking skills, set educational and career goals, and develop time management and financial competences. Students will learn to engage with higher education resources to achieve both academic and personal growth. Credits earned in this graded course may be counted as electives toward graduation.

LNSK 117 – Freshman Seminar     1 credit hour

The Freshman Seminar is designed to enhance students' skills and complement their academic programs, enabling them to be successful, engaged members of the academic community at UNK. The seminar is intended to help students transition from high school to college. Credit does not count toward any degree.

LNSK 217 – Sophomore Seminar     3 credit hours

This seminar class will educate students about transitioning from college to the workplace. In addition to exploring personal strengths and career interests, students will produce a resume and other professional documents, complete a mock interview, and explore ways to maximize their professional development while at UNK.
Department Consent Required