Recreation (REC)

REC 126 – First Year Seminar     1 credit hour

The First-Year Seminar provides students with a multidisciplinary experience in which they approach an issue or problem from the perspective of three different academic differences. The First-Year Seminar will consist of three 1-credit hour courses taken as co-requisites in a single semester. The successful completion of all three courses satisfies the General Studies LOPER 1 course requirement. Students may take the First-Year Seminar in any discipline, irrespective of their major or minor. Students admitted as readmit students or transfer students who transfer 18 or more hours of General Studies credit to UNK are exempt from taking a LOPER 1 course.

REC 150 – Foundations of Recreation, Park and Leisure     3 credit hours

Introductory course for persons interested in majoring in a leisure profession.

REC 215 – Introduction to Outdoor Recreation     3 credit hours

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of outdoor recreation. Organized camping, outdoor recreation skills and activities, and current environmental issues will be topics of this class.
Total Credits Allowed: 5.00

REC 246 – Wilderness First Aid     1 credit hour

This course is designed to offer the student information and skills that will prepare them for providing basic first aid and life support to individuals suffering from illness or injury. The course content provides the background knowledge a Professional Rescuer needs to act as an essential link in the EMS system in situations where access to immediate emergency medical response is not available. Class activities will challenge participants to think critically about making appropriate decisions regarding the type of care to provide in a medical emergency, analyze the basis of normal protocol of care, demonstrate application of their acquired skills and investigate consequential clinical outcomes in the emergency care setting.
Prerequisite: PE 265 (certifications in CPR and AED)

REC 300 – Volunteer Practicum     1-4 credit hours

Students will be assigned to a community, hospital, agency fitness, athletic recreation, or tourism site. Credit/no credit.
Total Credits Allowed: 4.00

REC 301 – Volunteer Practicum in Coaching     2 credit hours

Students will be assigned to a coach or athletic department site to get experience in coaching.
Total Credits Allowed: 4.00

REC 302 – Volunteer Practicum Exercise Science     1-4 credit hours

Students will be assigned to a community, hospital, agency fitness, athletic, recreation, or tourism site. Credit/no credit.
Total Credits Allowed: 4.00
Prerequisite: Grade of "C" or above in PE 305 and PE 310 and PE 414 or co-enrollment in PE 414

REC 303 – Volunteer Practicum in Sports Management     1-4 credit hours

This course is designed to be an early field experience for the student with a major or a minor in Sports Management. Students will be assigned to the UNK Athletic Department or Viaero Event Center.
Total Credits Allowed: 4.00

REC 304 – Volunteer Practicum in Athletic Training Foundations     1-2 credit hours

This course is designed to offer the student enrolled in the Minor in AT Foundations the opportunity to gain basic and introductory skills for basic sports injury care. Additionally, students will be provided opportunities to gain observation experiences required for entrance into the MAT program.
Total Credits Allowed: 2.00

REC 305 – Volunteer Practicum Nutrition     2 credit hours

Students will be assigned to participate in activities related to nutrition at community, hospital, university or specific sites. Credit/no credit.
Total Credits Allowed: 4.00
Prerequisite: PE 108

REC 321 – Campus Recreation Management     3 credit hours

The purpose of this course is to prepare students for entry level positions and long term careers in campus recreation. It covers managing employees, programs, facilities and services in the field and will guide students through such topics as budgeting, marketing, program assessment, and risk management.

REC 352 – Outdoor Adventure Education     3 credit hours

Rationale and dynamics of interacting with the environment through leisure activities.

REC 354 – Programming in Sport, Recreation, and Events     3 credit hours

Basic theoretical and practical competencies required to become a successful programmer for sport, recreation and event services.

REC 356 – Special Topics     3 credit hours

Advanced, in-depth studies of various segments of Recreation and Events. Topics designed to prepare students with specific professional skills important to event and leisure industries. May lead to professional certifications.
Total Credits Allowed: 24.00

REC 375 – Leadership in Recreation, Sport and Events     3 credit hours

Theories and practices of program leadership in the recreation, sport and events field, emphasizing leadership styles and techniques, self-awareness, human relations, communications, group processes and group dynamics, problem solving and decision making.

REC 422 – Facilities in Recreation, Events and Sport     3 credit hours

With new arenas, stadium, health clubs, convention centers and other facilities popping up and various events from local to international scale held all over the nation, there exists a significant need for properly trained sport facility and event managers. This Facilities in Recreation, Events and Sport course is designed to provide future sport facility and event managers with theoretical and practical knowledge in green facility planning, construction, operation, maintenance, and numerous issues confronting sport industry professionals and organizations today. Also covered will be topics related to the event management side of the industry, with special attention paid to event planning, marketing, operation, activation, and sponsorship.

REC 444 – Issues in Recreation and Leisure     3 credit hours

Basic concepts in the field of leisure and leisure services, contemporary social and philosophical issues, broad historical and cultural contexts. Discussion of the issues and dilemmas that leisure provides from many perspectives.

REC 454 – Community Assessment and Planning     3 credit hours

This course is designed to prepare recreation and park majors in the area of community and program assessment and evaluations. Topics will include research and evaluation methodology, terminology and application, community facilities, programs and infrastructure.

REC 477 – Internship     1-12 credit hours

Student will be assigned full-time with private, industrial or governmental fitness and/or leisure programs or in a tourist industry site. A minimum of a four-week block of time will be allotted for the experience.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 16.00

REC 485 – Research in Tourism, Recreation and Sport     3 credit hours

Basic knowledge of research terminology, methodology and application. Students do simple but important research.

REC 498 – Special Topics     1-3 credit hours

Topics are studied which are not assigned or covered in other courses in the department. The format of this course will vary depending on the topic, instructor, and the needs of the student.
Total Credits Allowed: 3.00