Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM 126 – First Year Seminar     1 credit hour

The First-Year Seminar provides students with a multidisciplinary experience in which they approach an issue or problem from the perspective of three different academic differences. The First-Year Seminar will consist of three 1-credit hour courses taken as co-requisites in a single semester. The successful completion of all three courses satisfies the General Studies LOPER 1 course requirement. Students may take the First-Year Seminar in any discipline, irrespective of their major or minor. Students admitted as readmit students or transfer students who transfer 18 or more hours of General Studies credit to UNK are exempt from taking a LOPER 1 course.

SCM 188 – GS Portal     3 credit hours

Students analyze critical issues confronting individuals and society in a global context as they pertain to the discipline in which the Portal course is taught. The Portal is intended to help students succeed in their university education by being mentored in process of thinking critically about important ideas and articulating their own conclusions. Students may take the Portal in any discipline, irrespective of their major or minor. Satisfies the General Studies Portal course requirement. Students may take their Portal course in any discipline. Students who transfer 24 or more hours of General Studies credit to UNK are exempt from taking a portal course.
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00
Prerequisite: First year freshman standing or sophomore standing only.

SCM 304 – Negotiation Fundamentals, Strategies & Tactics     3 credit hours

This introductory course will explore the fundamental negotiation concepts, practices, and strategies used by supply chain professionals. Concepts will be presented in a manner that involves students directly so they can develop a better understanding of the different types of strategies and tactics used during a negotiation. In addition to traditional power negotiation tactics, students will learn how principled negotiation skills can enhance their ability to resolve issues requiring negotiations both in an effective manner and with integrity.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

SCM 317 – Principles of Supply Chain Management     3 credit hours

The theories, principles and methods involved in supply chain management with emphasis on creating customer value. Discussion of present day issues and policies related to establishing competitive strategies, market development, brand loyalty, collaborative innovation, and new product launches.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

SCM 402 – Materials Management and Procurement     3 credit hours

This course presents the basic principles in purchasing and outsourcing and their management as a critical subsystem within an organization. Topics will include purchasing policy and procedures, purchasing strategies, value analysis, materials planning, make-or-buy decisions, vendor management, principles of inventory management, in a wide range of sectors such as wholesalers, retailers, dealerships, manufacturers, government and other service providers in both technical and non-technical industries
Prerequisite: Junior standing

SCM 403 – Logistics and Transportation     3 credit hours

Logistics can be defined as the management of goods, services and information flows from the original source of raw materials to the final consumer in a manner which produces customer satisfaction and value. This course will cover many aspects of business logistics including supply chain management, demand management, customer service, transportation, inventory management, warehousing, global logistics and information flow.
Prerequisite: Junior standing

SCM 456 – Supply Chain Management Senior Seminar     3 credit hours

The capstone is specifically designed for students who are about to begin an SCM related career. By examining real-world SCM issues, students will develop and apply those skills required for success in supply chain management related careers. This course is project-intensive, group-oriented, highly participative, and comprehensive.
Prerequisite: SCM 476 and senior standing or permission

SCM 476 – Supply Chain Management Internship     1-9 credit hours

A work experience program planned for students preparing for employment in the field of supply chain management. The learning situation is organized and supervised cooperatively by the academic department and the personnel of approved business partners. Work experience is approved and evaluated by the department.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 9.00
Prerequisite: Junior standing and SCM 317 and approval of instructor

SCM 498 – Special Topics in Supply Chain Management     1-3 credit hours

Selected SCM topics and problems of current interest considered in depth. Class discussion and course projects. Topics vary depending upon instructor.
Department Consent Required