Psychology (PSY)

PSY 203 – General Psychology     3 credit hours

The fundamental concepts of psychology as derived through the scientific investigation of behavior are described.

PSY 230 – Human Development     3 credit hours

Human growth and development is surveyed from the prenatal period through old age and death. Emphasis is placed on physiological, cognitive, and social/personality developments at the various age levels.

PSY 231 – Abnormal Behavior and Society     3 credit hours

An introduction to the various models for understanding abnormal behavior, e.g., genetic and developmental models; the descriptions of predominant mental disorders, and major modern treatment interventions. The course is recommended for those majoring in fields other than psychology.

PSY 250 – Behavioral Statistics     3 credit hours

The methodology used in scientific research is described along with the special problems that psychologists face in the interpretation of research results. Prior completion of college algebra is recommended.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 270 – Research Methods I     3 credit hours

Data collection methods and research designs including their appropriateness for specific areas of study are presented.
Prerequisite: PSY 203
Additional Course Fee Required

PSY 271 – Research Methods II     3 credit hours

Techniques for designing a specific research project are presented. Students conduct the proposed study and present their findings in an APA style research paper.
Prerequisite: PSY 250 and PSY 270

PSY 300 – Orientation to Psychology     1 credit hour

An informal review of academic, professional, and career planning issues of a psychology major.
Prerequisite: PSY 203 and declared major in Psychology.

PSY 310 – Learning and Conditioning     3 credit hours

The concepts and principles of learning are studied in detail. Data from human and animal experimentation are considered. Prior completion of PSY 270 is recommended.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 312 – Sensation and Perception     3 credit hours

Sensory and perceptual systems are examined in detail. Prior completion of PSY 270 is recommended.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 313 – Physiological Psychology     3 credit hours

The relationships between physiological processes and human behaviors are studied. Prior completion of PSY 270 is recommended.
Prerequisite: PSY 203
Additional Course Fee Required

PSY 318 – Experimental Social Psychology     3 credit hours

An exploration of the theories, methods and research regarding the relationship of the individual to others and to society. Topics include person perception, interpersonal attraction, attitudes, and attitude change, conformity and leadership. Prior completion of PSY 270 is recommended.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 350 – Ethics in Psychology     3 credit hours

This course will cover common issues encountered by psychologists and other practitioners in various research and applied paths. The goal of the course is to introduce students to the APA Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct as well as other pertinent ethical guidelines. Topics include: the history of ethical codes, ethics and the law, ethical decision making, personal and professional boundaries, ethics in a clinical setting, animal care, ethical publishing, and international codes of ethics.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 370 – History and Systems of Psychology     3 credit hours

The ideas of individuals who have influenced the development of psychology as a science from the ancient Greeks to the 20th century are reviewed.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 371 – Environmental Psychology     3 credit hours

The relationships between behavior and natural and man-made environments are addressed.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 372 – Cross-Cultural Psychology     3 credit hours

Examines psychological processes related to perception, cognition, human development, psychopathology, gender influences and social behavior from a cross-cultural perspective. Current theories, methods and research findings are discussed. Prior completion of PSY 270 is recommended.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 374 – Psychology of Gender     3 credit hours

Motivational levels, goals, self-concept, and various personality characteristics which differentiate between women and men are studied. Rearing differences between boys and girls and their accompanying behavioral expectations are studied as well as the development of sex differences in intellectual and biological functions.

PSY 399 – Psychology Apprenticeship Programs     1-3 credit hours

Students assist faculty members as research assistants, as classroom discussion leaders, as proctors in PSI courses, or in preparing special lectures or programs. Departmental permission required. PSI proctoring is recommended for those students preparing to take the Graduate Record Exam.
Total Credits Allowed: 12.00
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 406 – Theories of Personality     3 credit hours

Personality theories from Freud to contemporary theorists are discussed.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 407 – Psychopathology     3 credit hours

Current theoretical models and research are applied toward understanding the descriptions and causes of the predominant mental disorders. The course is based on the diagnostic system employed by most mental health professionals.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 408 – Introduction to Clinical Psychology     3 credit hours

The student will be introduced to the various professional activities and settings of clinical psychologists (psychologists trained to independently assess, diagnose, and treat mental disorder). Special emphasis will be given to psychotherapeutic interventions.
Prerequisite: PSY 407 and junior standing

PSY 408F – Intro to Clinical Psy Field Exp     1 credit hour

Students will visit a clinical facility for three hours a week and process their learning experiences in a one hour weekly lab. Opportunities to interact with patients and staff are included. Permission of instructor required.
Department Consent Required
Prerequisite: PSY 203 and permission of instructor.
Corequisite: PSY 407 or PSY 408.

PSY 412 – Industrial/Organizational Psychology     3 credit hours

A survey of human behavior and psychological principles as they apply to the world of work. Topics of emphasis will include work analysis, personnel recruitment and selection, training, performance management, employee attitudes, work motivation, leadership, and work design
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 415 – Group Dynamics     3 credit hours

Group Dynamics includes the study of group development; structure; influence and interaction and group outcomes. Students will apply material covered to various types of groups such as dyads or couples, teams, collaborative learning groups, juries, cults and crowds.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 420 – Advanced Research Design and Analysis in Psychology     3 credit hours

Advanced multivariate statistical techniques are explored, including Multiple Regression, Canonical Correlation, MANOVA, Discriminant Function Analysis, and Factor Analysis. Special emphasis is placed on computer analysis and on deciding which techniques are appropriate for various data sets.
Prerequisite: PSY 270 or permission of instructor

PSY 430 – Memory and Cognition     3 credit hours

Topics concerning intellectual functioning are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on the information processing approach to the study of mental life. Topics include perception, attention, consciousness, memory, problem solving, and language. Prior completion of PSY 270 is recommended.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 435 – Psychology of Humor     3 credit hours

Survey of psychological theories, principles, and facts in areas such as social psychology, personality, psychobiology, development, cognition, industry/organizations, and health as they apply to humor. Specific topics include: why we laugh, how we understand humor, prejudice and humor, multicultural similarities and differences, humor in applied settings (e.g., workplace, education), and humorous media.
Prerequisite: PSY 203 and PSY 270 is recommended.

PSY 440 – Health Psychology     3 credit hours

Examines how thoughts, emotions, behaviors, physiology, and culture influence health and well-being. Topics include: physical systems of the body, stress and illness, health-related behaviors, health services, and end-of-life care.

PSY 450 – Psychological Testing     3 credit hours

This course is designed to teach you about psychological testing. Throughout the semester, you will learn about the basic theory and considerations underlying construction of instruments measuring psychological characteristics. PSY 270 recommended.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 453 – Experimental Child Psychology     3 credit hours

The psychology of child development is studied. Special emphasis is placed on experimental findings related to the development of physical, intellectual and cognitive functioning, and the development of personality. Prior completion of PSY 270 is recommended.
Prerequisite: PSY 203 or PSY 230

PSY 455 – Adolescent Psychology     3 credit hours

Adolescent development is comprehensively reviewed. The intellectual, physical, and social/moral development of adolescents is discussed, along with the special problems of young adults.
Prerequisite: PSY 203 or PSY 230

PSY 462 – Adult Development and Aging     3 credit hours

The changes in physical, cognitive and social/personality development during adulthood are addressed.
Prerequisite: PSY 203 or PSY 230

PSY 465 – Psychopharmacology     3 credit hours

The course consists of an introduction to pharmacology as a science followed by a discussion of therapeutic and recreational psychoactive drugs. Psychoactive drugs are discussed in relation to their effect on behavior and nervous system physiology. Prior completion of PSY 203, background in physiological psychology, or background in biology is recommended.
Department Consent Required

PSY 470 – Neuropsychology     3 credit hours

The relationship between human brain function and behavior is investigated. Special emphasis is placed on the behavioral effects of brain injury and methods of neuropsychological assessment.
Prerequisite: PSY 313

PSY 475 – Practicum in Psychology     1-3 credit hours

This course gives the student the opportunity to gain experience in the application of psychological principles in various settings.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 3.00
Prerequisite: 24 completed hours of Psychology coursework and permission of the department chair

PSY 475G – Practicum in Gerontology     3 credit hours

This course gives the student the opportunity to work with professionals in the field of aging. Includes 120-180 actual contact hours during the practicum experience.

PSY 477 – Psychology and Law     3 credit hours

Within this course, students will learn how psychology has influenced legal processes and outcomes. Topics covered include theories of criminology, factors associated with police questioning, jury selection and deliberation and punishment and sentencing. Students will also study how psychologists ranging from researchers and clinicians to expert witnesses and advocates work within the legal system.
Prerequisite: PSY 203

PSY 480 – Advanced Seminar in Psychology     3 credit hours

An in-depth examination of a particular topic in one of 13 designated areas of psychology. Taught in seminar format. Topics will be announced during the preceding semester.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00
Prerequisite: At least 12 completed hours of Psychology coursework and junior or senior standing and permission of the instructor.

PSY 493 – Readings in Psychology     1-3 credit hours

The student designs a set of readings in a chosen area of psychology. The work is completed under the supervision of the Department Chair.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 18.00
Prerequisite: 24 completed hours of Psychology coursework and permission of the department chair

PSY 495 – Psychological Inquiry     3 credit hours

Allows students to empirically study psychological topics previously covered in their upper level courses. Subject areas vary by semester and instructor. Examples include cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, industrial psychology, psychology and law, social psychology, etc.
Department Consent Required
Prerequisite: PSY 250 and PSY 270 and PSY 271 and 12 hours of completed upper-level psychology coursework.

PSY 499 – Research in Psychology     3 credit hours

The student engages in a research project of his/her own design. The project is supervised by a psychology faculty member.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00
Prerequisite: 24 completed hours of Psychology coursework including PSY 270 and permission of the department chair