LOPER 7: Social Science

BROAD KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS – Every university-educated person should be able to:

Explain and evaluate human behavior and/or social systems using the concepts and methods in a social science discipline (minimum 3 hours). Courses must meet all learning outcomes.

Assessed as:

  1. Can use the discipline’s concepts and methods to explain human behavior and/or social systems
  2. Can investigate problems and analyze evidence using the discipline’s concepts and methods
  3. Can make and support an argument about human behavior or social systems using social-scientific evidence
  4. Can articulate the significance of social scientific knowledge for themselves or for society
CJUS 101Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJUS 380Minorities and Criminal Justice3
ECON 100Contemporary Economic Issues3
ECON 270Principles of Economics, Macroeconomics3
ECON 271Principles of Economics, Microeconomics3
FAMS 151Human Sexual Behavior3
FAMS 351Marriage and Family Relationships3
GEOG 104World Regional Geography3
GEOG 106Human Geography3
GEOG 206Geography of the United States and Canada3
PSCI 110Introduction to American Politics3
PSCI 140Democracy and Global Citizenship3
PSCI 168Introduction to International Relations3
PSCI 280HSpecial Topics3
PSY 203General Psychology3
PSY 230Human Development3
SOC 100Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 124Social Problems3
SOC 250Anthropology3