LOPER 6: Humanities

BROAD KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS – Every university-educated person should be able to:

Explain and evaluate ideas and/or social and cultural conditions using the concepts and methods in a humanities discipline (minimum 3 hours). Courses must meet all learning outcomes.

Assessed as:

  1. Can analyze primary sources appropriate to the humanities discipline
  2. Can compare and contrast theories, narratives, or social/cultural conditions
  3. Can make and support an argument about the human experience
  4. Can articulate the significance of the humanities for themselves or for society
ENG 235HAmerican Studies3
ENG 240HLiterary Classics of the Western World3
ENG 250Introduction to Literature: British Literature3
ENG 251Introduction to Literature: American Literature3
ENG 252Introduction to Literature: Western Civilization3
ENG 253Intro to Literature: Non-Western Civilization3
ENG 254Introduction to Literature: Special Topics3
ENG 255Introduction to Children's Literature3
ENG 260Images of Women in Literature3
ENG 280HSpecial Topics3
FREN 200Intermediate French I3
FREN 201Intermediate French II3
FREN 205Culture, Conversation, and Composition3
GERM 200Intermediate German I3
GERM 201Intermediate German II3
GERM 205Culture, Conversation and Composition3
HIST 110History of Science & Medicine3
HIST 111Nebraska in the World3
HIST 112History of Religions in the World3
HIST 176Democratic Debates3
HIST 210Western Civilization3
HIST 211Western Civilization3
HIST 212Non-Western World History3
HIST 215Introduction to Latin America3
HIST 230World History to 16003
HIST 231World History since 16003
HIST 250American History3
HIST 251American History3
HIST 305History of Global Public Health3
JAPN 200Intermediate Japanese I3
JAPN 201Intermediate Japanese II3
PHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 120Introduction to Ethics3
PHIL 125Introduction to Ethics and Health Care3
PHIL 150The Joy of Sales Resistance3
PHIL 205Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL 209Philosophy of Mind3
PHIL 214Philosophy of Religion: Reason and Faith3
PHIL 261Philosophy of Science3
SPAN 200Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 205Culture, Conversation and Composition3
SPCH 154Cross-Cultural Communication3