LOPER 5: Visual or Performing Arts

BROAD KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS – Every university-educated person should be able to:

Evaluate and/or create cultural products in a discipline of the visual or performing arts (minimum 3 hours). Courses must meet all learning outcomes.

Assessed as:

  1. Can interpret a work of art within its cultural or historical context
  2. Can characterize and evaluate a work of art using concepts appropriate to its medium
  3. Can distinguish between works of art from various schools, time periods, and/or cultures
  4. Can articulate the significance of the arts for themselves or for society
ART 100Art Structure3
ART 120Art Appreciation3
ART 375Art, Activism, & Social Movements3
ART 377Scientific Study of Art3
DANC 122Dance Appreciation3
MUS 100Music Appreciation3
MUS 101American Musical Theatre3
MUS 107Introduction to Rock and Blues3
MUS 347Music History and Literature I3
MUS 348Music History and Literature II3
THEA 120Introduction to the Theatre3