LOPER 1: First-year Seminar

FOUNDATIONAL REQUIREMENTS – Skills that every university-educated person needs:

 First-year seminar* (minimum 3 hours). Courses must meet all learning outcomes.

Assessed as:

  •     Can locate and select appropriate sources of information (to include information important to academic and professional success)
  •     Can discern a source’s argument or purpose and audience
  •     Can summarize a source’s main points accurately and fairly
  •     Can evaluate and use sources appropriately and responsibly
  •     Can integrate information from multiple sources and contrasting viewpoints

Students must take three 1-credit hour 126 courses on the same topic to satisfy the first-year seminar requirement. Successful completion of all three courses is required.  Failure of one section requires re-registration of all three courses with the same topic to replace the failing grade from your official record.

* The first-year seminar is waived for students admitted as transfer students with a minimum of 18 hours of GS coursework; transfer students and re-admit students still must fulfill the requirements of a minimum of 30 hours GS coursework that meets LOPERs 2-10.

Departments cannot require students to take a specific First-year Seminar.