Withdrawal from the University of Nebraska at Kearney

A student wishing to withdraw from the University and all classes may do so via MyBLUE Registration System. The same procedure and time deadline will be followed as that for dropping a course.

Students may not withdraw after the twelfth week of the semester (or after the three-fourths point of a course with a duration other than a semester) unless extenuating circumstances exist, in which case the student may receive a "W." Extenuating circumstances are defined as circumstances occurring following the end of the twelfth week of a semester or the three-fourths point of a course and beyond the control of the student which, in the judgment of the Withdrawal Committee, constitute appropriate cause for withdrawal without penalty.

A student may not withdraw from a class after the semester or session in which the class was taken has ended. The University reserves the right to exercise an administrative withdrawal. Administrative withdrawals may be initiated when a student's continued presence on the campus would constitute the potential for danger to self or others, or disruption of University community interests including teaching, administration or other University recognized activities.