Final Week Policy

Finals at UNK will be scheduled Monday through Thursday during the last week of the semester.

  1. Final examinations for full semester classes are to be given at the regularly scheduled examination time only as published on the Office of the University Registrar website (Final Exam Schedule).
  2. During the week prior to Finals Week, the only examinations that may be given are: laboratory practical examinations, make-up or repeat examinations, and self paced examinations.
  3. If a student is scheduled to take three or more final exams in one day during the finals week, the student may: take all final exams as scheduled; take the exam during the allotted day and time that is open for make-up examination or resolution of conflict, which is Thursday at 3:30 pm; or take the exam during Finals Week at an agreed upon time worked out between the student and the instructor. Students seeking accommodation are responsible for notifying their instructor at least one week before the final exam period and providing documentation proving eligibility for accommodation.
  4. Projects, papers, performances, and speeches scheduled for completion during the last week of classes must have been assigned in writing by the end of the eighth week of the semester. This refers to the project and its scope, not the topic.
  5. Complaints about failure to follow the above outlined procedures should be made immediately to the faculty member. If the faculty member is not responsive to the student’s concerns the appropriate department chair should be notified. If necessary, appeals can be filed with the dean of the college offering the course.
  6. Any course not having an examination during Finals Week will meet under the direction of its instructor during the scheduled Finals Week time period for a continuation of regular class work.
  7. The dean may grant exceptions to this policy on the basis of good and sufficient reasons submitted to the dean in writing.
  8. All syllabuses should include a Finals Week Policy statement indicating that “The final exam will be administered in the time period scheduled during finals week in accordance with University policy (Final Exam Schedule)."