Course Numbering

The number by which a course is designated is intended to indicate the relative level of the course. A student will generally choose courses within his/her classification, but may elect courses of one rank above or below his/her classification upon the counsel of his/her advisor. The following numbering system should be useful to students in planning their respective programs:

Lower Division Courses:

  • Freshman courses are numbered from 100 to 199.
  • Sophomore courses are numbered from 200 to 299.

Upper Division Courses:

  • Junior courses are numbered from 300 to 399.
  • Senior courses are numbered from 400 to 499.

Courses numbered lower than 100, e.g., Math 090, LNSK 075, do not count toward degree programs or graduation credit hours.

A minimum of 40 semester credit hours of upper division credit is required for the bachelor's degree. Such 300/400 level courses are offered only by four-year colleges and universities.