Statistics (STAT)

STAT 841P – Probability and Statistics     3 credit hours

Elementary probability theory and statistical applications.
Prerequisite: MATH 260

STAT 842P – Mathematical Statistics     3 credit hours

A continuation of 441/841P. The further mathematical development of special probability densities, functions of random variables, sampling distributions, decision theory, point and interval estimators, hypotheses testing, and covariance.
Department Consent Required
Prerequisite: STAT 241 and permission of instructor

STAT 881 – Statistical Inference I     3 credit hours

A continuation of STAT 441/841P. The further development of probability and distributions, multivariate distributions, some special distributions, and limiting distributions.
Prerequisite: STAT 441 or 841P or equivalent

STAT 882 – Statistical Inference II     3 credit hours

A continuation of STAT 881. The further development of statistical inference, maximum likelihood method, sufficiency, optimal test of hypothesis, noncentral chi-square, multiple comparisons, regression problem, and test of independence.
Prerequisite: STAT 881 or equivalent

STAT 895P – Independent Study     1-3 credit hours

Individual studies and research under the guidance of a faculty member. May be taken twice for two separate studies.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 3.00