Family Science (FAMS)

FAMS 802P – Selected Readings in Human Relationships     3 credit hours

Analysis of major studies and current literature in Family Studies and related disciplines.
Prerequisite: FAMS 150 and FAMS 351 or permission

FAMS 806 – Families and the Economy     3 credit hours

Theory and application of economic principles to the understanding of individual and family behaviors within and the impact of family participation upon the economic system of the United States and the global economy.
Prerequisite: ECON 100 or ECON 270 or ECON 271

FAMS 830P – Grantwriting and Fundraising for Human Service Programs     3 credit hours

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of Grantwriting and Fundraising including the principles of marketing used to identify need, locating funding sources, writing a grant proposal using persuasive technical writing, and preparing a budget. The course includes hands-on experience in identifying a funding source and preparing a grant proposal.

FAMS 850P – The Aging Adult     3 credit hours

This course examines the various aspects of aging including the physical, psychological, and social issues of elders. These aspects of aging are examined from individual, cohort, family and global perspectives. Students explore and examine aging issues through the use of formal research, personal interviews, site visits, and agency presentations.
Prerequisite: FAMS 150 or permission of instructor

FAMS 865P – Advanced Study of Sexual Behaviors     3 credit hours

An in-depth analysis of human sexual behavior from psychological, sociological, biological, ethological, historical, and economic perspectives.

FAMS 881P – Cross Cultural Family Patterns     3 credit hours

This course examines the concept of family as it appears in various cultural contexts in the United States and in other settings. Family and culture will be viewed both historically and in the contemporary period. Various models of the family, representing both western and nonwestern traditions, will be explored through readings, discussion, and writing. Particular emphasis will be given to gaining understanding about the values, traditions, and socio-economic/geopolitical circumstances, that influence the development of culture.

FAMS 886P – Families in Crisis     3 credit hours

This course enables Family Studies and other service and social support-oriented students to understand the trauma and recovery process associated with normative and catastrophic family crisis. Note: This course alone does not prepare students to be crisis interventionists.
Prerequisite: FAMS 351 or permission

FAMS 890P – Special Problems in Family Studies     3 credit hours

The course is designed to provide students the opportunity to expand their basic and applied knowledge within their discipline.

FAMS 891 – Special Problems in Family Studies     3 credit hours

This course will involve the process and completion of a research project. With the help of a faculty member, students will assist with an existing project or conduct their own research project.
Department Consent Required

FAMS 892P – Advanced Developmental Theory     3 credit hours

Seminal as well as current developmental theories will be examined in depth. Particular emphasis will be placed on the most influential theories and their relevance to infant, child, and adolescent development. Prior completion of FSID 150, FSID 250, and FSID 253 is highly recommended.