Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC)

JMC 801 – Social and Emerging Media     3 credit hours

History of media leading to the development of web based social media. Includes focus on critical analysis of new media technologies and strategies for using social media for public relations for corporate, social, or nonprofit purposes.

JMC 802 – Media Technology and Narrative     3 credit hours

Storytellers and media professionals in the digital age have more tools at their disposal than ever before to create and distribute content. Today's professional communicators, whether involved in news/editorial, public relations, advertising, or related fields, need to tell stories in many ways, use many different media technologies, and engage with many different audiences. With emphasis on content, students in this course will create and maintain a blog about a specific topic and produce stories and supplemental content using the qualities of reflective thinking, analysis, and organization of ideas to best communicate with an audience from many perspectives.

JMC 825P – Public Policy and the Media     3 credit hours

This course provides students with a systematic framework for ethical decision-making in mass communications. Ethics theory is examined in combination with the practice of ethics commonly applied by media professionals including print and broadcast news practitioners as well as those involved in the fields of public relations and advertising.

JMC 831 – Critical Approaches to Media     3 credit hours

This advanced course provides an exhaustive survey of the major concepts, methods, theories, scholars, debates, and changes in critical media studies. Students will work on developing questions that can provide insight into media texts, foregrounding an agenda that does the following: (1) fosters an understanding of contemporary media theory; and (2) allows students to think critically about the power and influence of the media as well as the construction and negotiation of social meanings therein. Students will produce a conference-ready paper that questions how a mediated phenomenon of their choice comes to make sense in a particular context at a given time.

JMC 835 – International Media and Society     3 credit hours

This course is focused on helping students understand how global media functions in our world today. Around the globe media is used as both a source of resistance and an ideological tool of regimes. By understanding media as an artifact, we can often learn about a culture by studying its popular media. Also, as our world becomes more connected, global media becomes more accessible. This often leads to cultural influence across borders. Global media literacy will only become increasingly more important for communication professionals in the future. This class will train students in the skills necessary to gain that literacy.

JMC 860P – Mass Media & Society     3 credit hours

An examination of the theories, issues and controversies surrounding the mass media. Particular emphasis will be given to press ethics, freedom, and media effects.

JMC 899P – Topics     3 credit hours

Selected topics and problems of current interest considered in-depth. Classroom or on-line discussions, course projects or research problems. Topics vary each semester depending on instructor; however, the purpose of the course is to offer an opportunity for students to study either fresh topics of particular timeliness or standard topics in more theoretical depth than appropriate in other existing courses.
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00