Business Administration (BSAD)

BSAD 895 – Integrative Capstone Experience     3 credit hours

This is a required experiential capstone graduate-level project in the MBA program that entails integrating business and organizational principles, concepts, and theories from multiple functional areas. Students will acquire advanced skills in assessing a significant and substantial business problem, gauging the data requirements, collecting information, applying the principles, concepts, and theories from various disciplines in the program, and developing a feasible solution. This multi-modal, hands-on practicum involves the application of the skills, methods, knowledge, and competencies acquired in the MBA program to solve a complex business problem. Students are given the choice of (1) developing a business plan or (2) conducting an organizational audit of an existing organization. Generally, a 3-credit hour course in a Graduate program requires about 150 hours of student work.
Total Credits Allowed: 9.00
Prerequisite: ACCT 858 or ACCT 860 AND FIN 809 and MGT 890 and MKT 856 and MGT 892.