Psychology (PSY)

PSY 803P – Psychology of Motivation     3 credit hours

PSY 804 – Healthcare Ethics     2 credit hours

This course will cover common issues encountered by healthcare practitioners in various research and applied paths. The goal of the course is to introduce students to pertinent ethical issues they are likely to face in their career. The course includes lectures, discussions, journals, and case studies complementing the learning process.

PSY 806P – Theories of Personality     3 credit hours

Personality theories from Freud to contemporary theorists are discussed.

PSY 807P – Psychopathology     3 credit hours

Current theoretical models and research are applied toward understanding the descriptions and causes of the predominant mental disorders. The course is based on the diagnostic system employed by most mental health professionals.

PSY 810P – Industrial Psychology     3 credit hours

The application of the concepts of psychology to people at work is addressed. Topics include personnel selection and appraisal, motivation, job satisfaction, employee development, industrial engineering, and advertising.

PSY 815P – Group Dynamics     3 credit hours

Theory and research on group behavior and the relationship of group dynamics to applied situations are covered.

PSY 816P – Eastern Psychology     3 credit hours

The psychological aspects of various Eastern philosophical traditions including Sufism, Yoga, Taoism, and Buddhism are examined. The psychology of Zen is emphasized. Experiential as well as theoretical approaches are used.

PSY 817P – Humanistic Psychology     3 credit hours

The tenets and methods of humanistic psychology, its historical roots, theoretical concepts, and how it is distinguished from Psychoanalysis and Behaviorism are reviewed, as is the emergence of transpersonal psychology. Discussion group format.

PSY 820P – Advanced Research Design and Analysis in Psychology     3 credit hours

Advanced Research Design and Analysis in Psychology is a class the delves into the analysis of data using various advanced statistical techniques concentrating on how to determine which particular analysis technique is suited to a particular research design. We will place a heavy emphasis on the acquisition and interpretation of results using a common statistical package, SPSS.

PSY 830P – Memory and Cognition     3 credit hours

Topics concerning intellectual functioning are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on the information processing approach to the study of mental life. Topics include perception, attention, consciousness, memory, problem solving, and language.

PSY 840P – Health Psychology     3 credit hours

Examines how thoughts, emotions, behaviors, physiology, and culture influence health and well-being. Topics include: physical systems of the body, stress and illness, health-related behaviors, health services, and end-of-life care.

PSY 850P – Psychometrics     3 credit hours

Basic measurement concepts, the selection, administration, and interpretation of standardized tests are reviewed.

PSY 853P – Developmental Psychology     3 credit hours

The psychology of child and adolescent development is studied. Special emphasis is placed on experimental findings related to the development of physical, intellectual and cognitive functioning, and the development of personality.

PSY 855P – Adolescent Psychology     3 credit hours

Adolescent development is comprehensively reviewed. The intellectual, physical, and social/moral development of adolescents is discussed, along with the special problems of young adults.

PSY 862P – Adult Development and Aging     3 credit hours

The changes that come with age are addressed. Topics include physical decline, attitudes toward death and dying, and theories of biological, psychological, and social aging.

PSY 865P – Psychopharmacology     3 credit hours

The pharmacological, physiological, and psychological effects of drugs to treat psychological disorders and drugs of abuse are discussed. Background in physiological psychology and/or biology is recommended.

PSY 870P – Neuropsychology     3 credit hours

The relationship between human brain function and behavior is investigated. Topics include cerebral asymmetry, sensory and motor systems, functions of the association cortex, and the rationale of neuropsychological assessment.

PSY 880P – Advanced Seminar in Psychology     3 credit hours

An in-depth examination of a particular topic in one of thirteen designated areas. Taught in seminar format. Topics will vary and be announced during the preceding semester. Offered on an irregular basis.
Department Consent Required
Prerequisite: Completion of at least 12 hours of Psychology coursework and graduate standing and permission of the instructor

PSY 890 – Directed Research     1-3 credit hours

The student engages in a research project of his/her own design. The project is supervised by a psychology graduate faculty member.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 3.00

PSY 899 – Directed Readings     1-3 credit hours

The student designs a set of readings in a chosen area of psychology. The work is completed under the supervision of the department chairman or a psychology graduate faculty member.
Department Consent Required
Total Credits Allowed: 3.00

PSY 4752 – Practicum in Human Factors     3 credit hours

PSY 4754 – Practicum in Industrial/Organizational Psychology     3 credit hours