Political Science (PSCI)

PSCI 800P – Public Administration     3 credit hours

Nature, functions and problems of public administration in the United States. Emphasis is placed on the utilization and control of public administrative agencies by the legislative, executive and judicial branches of national and state government. Assumes basic knowledge of American government.

PSCI 833 – The Politics and Policy of Health Care     3 credit hours

An examination of current government policies, policy alternatives, and political interests that complicate the development and implementation of health policies in the United States.

PSCI 840P – Advanced Study in Comparative Politics: Special Topics     3 credit hours

A seminar in a special topic in the subfield of comparative politics, e.g., Cross-national political behavior, or The politics in the former Soviet Union. May be repeated up to 6 hours with a different topic.
Total Credits Allowed: 6.00

PSCI 850P – Nations in Transition     3 credit hours

This course examines the nations that are going through significant transformation. Covering a wide range of countries around the wolrd, this class considers how these countries struggle to move toward stable democracies despite different obstacles. Furthermore, we will critically explore the roles that the United States and the international community should assume in these transitional socieities.

PSCI 856P – Regional Field Study     1-4 credit hours

Designed to give students a first-hand acquaintance with the political perspective of a particular area of the world.
Total Credits Allowed: 4.00

PSCI 860P – Urban Gov & Pol     3 credit hours

PSCI 865 – Campaigns and Elections     3 credit hours

Using the scholarship on electoral institutions, rules and voting behavior, and a focus on presidential and congressional elections, the course analyzes how well elections in the United States serve the needs of American democracy.

PSCI 868P – Advanced International Politics     3 credit hours

Concerned with applying methods and models of analysis to major contemporary issues in international affairs.

PSCI 883P – Political Communication     3 credit hours

This course surveys classic works, current research, and emerging trends in the field of political communication. The course will introduce students to specific sub-areas within political communication, including: the construction of news; framing; political decision-making; public opinion and policy; political discourse; deliberation; and communication and citizenship.

PSCI 884P – Media and Public Policy     3 credit hours

This course will explore the changing influence of media on U.S. public policy. Special attention will be given to the potential of new media to transform both the process and content of public policy.

PSCI 886P – Policy Analysis     3 credit hours

This course develops both a normative conception of the analyst's role and understandings needed to perform basic analysis. Specifically, the course will survey basic quantitative techniques (i.e., survey research, focus groups and more) for analyzing policies. This course may be used by participants in the UNO Greater Nebraska M.P.A. program as an elective.

PSCI 890 – Directed Research     1-3 credit hours

Independent readings on advanced political science topics. Directed by a political science graduate faculty member.
Total Credits Allowed: 3.00

PSCI 899 – Readings in Political Science     1-3 credit hours

Independent readings on advanced political science topics. Directed by a political science graduate faculty member.
Total Credits Allowed: 3.00