Admission Procedures for All Entering Freshmen

For admission, a freshman student must complete the following requirements:

  1. Application Form - Complete an online application for admission with $45.00 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Entrance Tests - UNK allows for students to self-report ACT and/or SAT scores on the admissions application. To report official scores to the Office of Admissions, high school juniors and seniors must take the ACT or SAT test and list UNK (ACT College Code 2468, SAT Code 6467) as one of their college choices. While not required for admission, ACT and/or SAT scores are used for some scholarships and program admission (i.e. University Honors Program).
  3. Transcripts - At the time of application, Nebraska residents will be allowed to self-report high school coursework and GPA.  Out-of-state applicants will need to send an unofficial transcript through their junior year (sixth semester) of high school. A final transcript reflecting high school graduation is required prior to enrollment. While students can be admitted without an official high school transcript, it is required for the awarding of some scholarships (Regent & other merit awards) and program admission (i.e. University Honors Program).

For enrollment, the following requirements must also be completed:

  • Health Requirements - Students are required to upload immunization records in MyBLUE. See Student Health and Counseling (SHC) for more specific instructions.
  • Housing Application - A first-time freshman, single, under 19 years of age, and not living at home must complete a contract and return it with a $50 non-refundable application fee to the Director of Residence Life, University of Nebraska at Kearney. Any special housing arrangements for freshmen must be cleared through the Director of Residence Life.