Admission Requirements

The following outlines UNK admissions requirements for first-time entering freshmen and transfer students. The requirements do not pertain to international applicants, readmissions and non-degree students.

Assured Admission

In addition to graduation from an accredited high school, or equivalent, all students seeking entry to the University must have successfully completed a core of selected high school courses spread over a number of disciplines. Additionally, students are required to meet performance criteria by ranking in the top half of their graduating high school class OR must meet certain performance criteria, based on high school GPA or scores from ACT or SAT national examinations. 

Core Course Requirements

The core course requirements are summarized in the following broad areas of subject matter in which one unit represents one full year of study:

Subject Matter Units
English 4
Mathematics 3
Social Studies 3
Natural Sciences 3
World Language 2 in the same language
Any academic elective 1

Academic courses at each Nebraska high school have been evaluated. A list of eligible high school classes in Nebraska is available online at:       

Performance Requirements

In addition to meeting the above core course requirements, students seeking admission to the University on any campus, shall:

  • Be ranked in the 50th percentile or higher of their graduating class in an accredited high school


  • Have received an ACT composite score of 20 or greater


  • Have received an SAT total score of 1040 or greater


  • Have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average

Admission of Conditional Students

Applicants who do not qualify for assured admission by meeting all entrance criteria may appeal to be considered for admission to the University on the basis of special merit. The student must submit a letter of appeal along with three letters of recommendation:

(1) from the high school principal or guidance counselor,

(2) from two different teachers in core subjects

If the appeal is successful, the student will be conditionally admitted. This status may require the student to participate in an academic program of study that specifies the course work to be taken as well as other designated support activities provided by selected faculty and staff.

Home-Schooled Students

Submit the Application for Admission and the $45 non-refundable application fee. Submit a copy of your high school transcript that includes grades earned in courses each term, cumulative GPA, and the signature of your homeschool administrator. If applicable, submit any official transcripts reflecting any high school or post-secondary work completed. Home-schooled students admitted without completing all 16 core course requirements will be required to successfully complete an approved college-level course in each deficiency within the first 48 credit hours of enrollment at UNK.