Residence Life

Conrad Hall
(308) 865-8519

The Residence Life office is responsible for staffing and providing an educational experience for students living in the residence halls. Residence Life also works cooperatively with the Facilities Department to keep the halls clean and well maintained. The Residence Life staff works with students to find pride in their community and encourage students to be fully engaged in the campus community via our Residential Curriculum also known as our LOPERS Residence Education Plan. Residence Life offers a wide range of services to support the academic pursuits of students that live in the halls. We want students to be engaged in their campus community and become mindful citizens of Nebraska.

The LOPERS Residence Education Plan is established based on the following learning narratives we assist each student to attain living in our halls:

  1. Learning Occurs: Learning opportunities exist in many different forms, from the classroom, to policies, processes, and experiences. To accomplish this, students will venture beyond their comfort zone and know learning happens in the residence halls.
  2. Personal Enrichment: Through engagement with the UNK community, students will develop their own thoughts, self-efficacy, and well-being with an awareness of impact on themselves and others through intercultural competence.
  3. Relating to Others: Students will find many opportunities to connect with people, places, and services to help them identify resources.  These connections will help them feel safe, a sense of mattering and form life-long bonds with UNK.

The primary contact for students that live in the residence halls is their Resident Assistant or RA. Each resident has an RA that lives in their community. The RA is responsible for providing educational strategies to assist students in meeting our learning goals, maintaining a safe community, and is available to assist residents through their experience at UNK. RAs report to a professional staff member that lives in the community and is also available to assist residents during their time with us. If residents need any assistance, they should not hesitate to seek out any member of the Residence Life team or stop by the main office, which is located in the lower level of Conrad Hall.

Residence Life Policies may be found at