Transfer of Credit

  1. Only secured digital; or original, sealed transcript(s) from each college/university (accredited as a post-secondary institution by the Higher Learning Commission or other similar regional agencies) previously attended will be considered by the Office of the University Registrar for the award of transfer credit.
    Transcripts from nonaccredited institutions, technical-trade schools, proprietary schools, industry-sponsored schools are reviewed by the UNK academic departments offering courses similar, if any, to the courses stated on the transcripts.
    The UNK academic departments recommend to the Office of the University Registrar which courses or combination of courses, if any, to accept in transfer, the semester credit hours to award, and the course equivalency, if any, at UNK.
    UNK reserves the right to require successful completion of specific UNK courses and/or up to two semesters of UNK course work before considering/granting transfer credit from such institutions.
  2. Credit hours earned with a minimum grade of "C" at institutions outside of the University of Nebraska will be accepted in transfer. All grades and credit earned at any campus of the University of Nebraska since July 1, 1991, will be transferred to UNK and applied to the student's University grade point average.
  3. All credit hours transferable are converted to semester credit hours (e.g., one quarter hour equals 2/3 of a semester credit hour).
  4. Grades earned at institutions outside the University of Nebraska do not become a part of the student's UNK cumulative grade point average.
  5. Total semester credit hours transferred from each institution previously attended are recorded on the student's UNK transcript.
    (Note: A maximum of 66 semester credit hours may be transferred from two-year junior or community colleges.)
  6. UNK does not issue copies of another institution's transcript.
  7. Applicability of courses (for which credit hours are transferred to UNK) is determined by:
    1. UNK Office of the University Registrar - General Studies Program;
    2. UNK academic departments - majors/minors/teaching endorsements.
  8. Credit awarded at another college or university for course work completed in a nontraditional manner, e.g., through Advanced Placement programs (CEEB), proficiency tests (CLEP or comprehensive examinations administered by an academic department), or personal experience, must be validated by the UNK Office of the University Registrar and/or appropriate UNK academic departments. That is, such credits do not transfer automatically, and the student must furnish official score reports, etc., for consideration. (CLEP score requirement: 50th percentile or better for UNK to award credit. Credit awarded for CLEP subject examinations only. UNK does not award credit for CLEP general examinations.)