Institutional Requirements

  1. A minimum total of 120 semester credit hours must be earned, of which 40 credit hours must be in 300 or 400 (Junior/Senior) level courses. Such courses must be taken at a four-year college or university. Courses with numbers lower than 100 will not count toward any degree program.
  2. A minimum of 32 semester credit hours applicable to the selected degree program must be earned through UNK.
  3. Correspondence study applicable to any undergraduate degree is limited to a maximum of 12 semester credit hours, regardless of source or institution awarding the correspondence course credit.
  4. Graduation is dependent upon a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 "C" considering all courses taken at any University of Nebraska campus. This minimum GPA must also be earned in all courses needed to fulfill competency requirements within a comprehensive major, or within the major and minor programs of study, or within the endorsement areas in teacher education programs. Individual departments, however, may establish higher minimum standards.
  5. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of General Studies courses and must complete all requirements for their major/minor and endorsement areas.
  6. All students graduating with a baccalaureate degree from UNK are required to complete an approved Experiential Learning course within their program of study. 
  7. Students who have completed an undergraduate degree at UNK and wish to earn a second different bachelor's degree may do so only upon completion of 30 additional credit hours beyond the minimum required for the first degree.
  8. Since all degrees require at least one mathematics course, it is strongly recommended that students start taking their mathematics courses no later than the second semester of their freshman year.
  9. The catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment determines degree requirements. Students must fulfill the requirements stated in that catalog or they may elect to substitute the requirements in any subsequent catalog published while they are enrolled at UNK. All requirements for a student's program of study must be from a single catalog.
  10. If a student takes longer than five calendar years to complete a degree, UNK reserves the right to require the student to meet the most recent requirements for graduation. Curriculum changes or modifications require that all new program requirements be met regardless of coursework previously completed.