Special Education K-6 Teaching Subject Endorsement, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Offered by Department of Teacher Education

General Studies
Foundational Core (Written, Math, Oral, Democracy)
Foundational Core courses12
Academic Writing and Research
Math for Elementary Teachers I
Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Teaching in a Democratic Society
Select one course numbered 1883
ENG 101Introduction of Academic Writing3
If ENG 101 is not taken as a prerequisite for ENG 102 then additional hours may be required to meet the 27 credit hour minimum in the Distribution Area of General Studies.
Select 1 of the following:
Introduction to Literature: British Literature
Introduction to Literature: American Literature
Introduction to Literature: Western Civilization
Intro to Literature: Non-Western Civilization
Introduction to Literature: Special Topics
Select 1 of the following:
Western Civilization
Western Civilization
Non-Western World History
Introduction to Latin America
American History
American History
Social Sciences6
Introduction to American Politics
Select any approved ECON, PSY, SOC, or GEOG GS course
Natural Sciences8
General Biology
Select one of the following:
Physical Science
and Physical Science Laboratory
Physical Science for Elementary Teachers
Earth Science
Analytical and Quantitative Thought3
Math for Elementary Teachers II
Healthy Wealthy and Wise
Select one course numbered 3883
Professional Sequence
Complete all required courses 124
Management and Assessment in Preschool/Elementary Classrooms
Inclusive Practices for Students with Exceptionalities in PreK-8 Classrooms
Complete all required courses43.5
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hours minimum2.5
Total Credit Hours120


Special Education K-6 Teaching Field Endorsement Requirements
TE 311Math Methods I2
TE 312Math Methods II2
TE 314Phonics and Word Study2
TE 315Literacy Assessment2
TE 316Primary Grades Literacy2
TE 317Field Experience: Literacy1
TESE 330Collaboration, Consultation, and Co-Teaching3
TESE 437Medical Aspects of Individuals with Disabilities3
MATH 104Concepts in Mathematics and Statistics 23
TE 313Field Experience: Math (Take .5 credit hour course twice)1
Select the following in specified sequence:
TESE 461Legal Issues in Special Education3
TESE 462Assessment and IEP Development4
TESE 371Field Experience with Students with Multiple Disabilities0.5
TESE 372Instructional Strategies for Individuals with Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities 3
TESE 463Instructional Strategies for Individuals with Disabilities3
TESE 464Field Experience with K-8 Students1
TESE 467Behavioral Interventions3
TESE 468Assistive Technology2
TESE 479Teaching Social Skills to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder3
Total Credit Hours43.5