Educational Studies Minor

Offered by Department of Teacher Education

TE 100Teaching in a Democratic Society3
TE 204Growth & Development/Introduction to Exceptionalities4
TE 206Instructional Technology and the Preservice Teacher3
PSCI 110Introduction to American Politics3
Select 8 credit hours of the following:8
Math Methods I
and Field Experience: Math
Field Experience in Secondary Classroom
Introduction to Language Minority Students
Content Methods in English as a Second Language
Educational Assessment of ESL Students
Methods for Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms
Infant and Toddler Mental Health
Infant and Toddler Curriculum
Foundations of Early Childhood Education
Literacy Methods for the Preschool Teacher
Early Childhood Program Administration
Literacy Methods 0-3
Math, Science, and Social Studies for Children 0-8
Supporting Young Children Through Family & Community Involvement
Human Relations
Partnerships with Families
Collaboration, Consultation, and Co-Teaching
Serving Young Children with Special Needs
Assessment and Intervention
Medical Aspects of Individuals with Disabilities
Legal Issues in Special Education
Assessment and IEP Development
Psychology and Education of Gifted and Talented Learners
Guiding the Social & Emotional Development of Gifted/Talented Learners
Elementary Art Methods
Art Methods for Young Children
Math for Elementary Teachers I
Music Methods for the Elementary Teacher
Music in Early Childhood Education
Principles of Physical Education
Healthy Wealthy and Wise
Elementary School Health Teaching
Non-Rhythmic Physical Education
Integrating Movement and Dance
Management and Assessment in Preschool/Elementary Classrooms
Management and Assessment in K-12/Secondary Classrooms
and Field Experience in Secondary Classroom
Field Experience in 7-12 Art Classrooms
Clinical Methods and Procedures in Communication Disorders
Management and Assessment in Middle Level Classrooms
and Field Experience in Middle Level Classrooms
Select 0-3 credit hours of the following:
Individuals with Exceptionalities
Reading and Inclusion in K-12 Classrooms
Inclusive Practices for Students with Exceptionalities in PreK-8 Classrooms
Total Credit Hours21