Special Education 7-12 Teaching Subject Endorsement, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Offered by Department of Teacher Education

General Education
Foundational Requirements (LOPERS 1-4)12
LOPER 2: Writing Skills
Introduction to Academic Writing
LOPER 3: Oral Communication Skills
Fundamentals of Speech Communication
LOPER 4: Mathematics, Statistics and Quantitative Reasoning
Math for Elementary Teachers I 1
Broad Knowledge Requirements (LOPERs 5 – 8)13
LOPER 6: Humanities
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
Non-Western World History
Introduction to Latin America
American History I
American History II
LOPER 7: Social Science
General Psychology
Human Development
LOPER 8: Natural Science
Choose one of the following:
General Biology
Physical Science
and Physical Science Laboratory
Earth Science
Dispositional Requirements (LOPERs 9-10) 26
LOPER 9: Civic Competency and Engagement
Introduction to American Politics
LOPER 10: Respect for Human Diversity
Teaching in a Democratic Society
Wellness (LOPER 11) Optional0
Program Specified Requirements6
Special Topics in Academic Writing and Research
Healthy Wealthy and Wise
Professional Sequence
Complete all required courses 324
Reading and Inclusion in K-12 Classrooms
Management and Assessment in Preschool/Elementary Classrooms
Management and Assessment in K-12/Secondary Classrooms
Complete all required courses46.5
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hours minimum12.5
Total Credit Hours120


Special Education 7-12 Teaching Subject Endorsement Requirements
TESE 330Collaboration, Consultation, and Co-Teaching3
TESE 437Medical Aspects of Individuals with Disabilities3
TESE 461Legal Issues in Special Education and IEP Development3
TESE 462Assessment in Special Education3
TESE 463Instructional Strategies for Individuals with Disabilities3
TESE 464Field Experience with K-8 Students1
TESE 467Behavioral Interventions3
TESE 468Assistive Technology2
TESE 474Field Experience0.5
TESE 475Secondary Special Education Strategies and Transition3
TESE 476Transitional Issues for Individuals with Disabilities2
TESE 479Teaching Social Skills to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder3
TESE 487Teaching Functional Academics to Individuals with Exceptional Needs2
Academic Concentration
Course may possibly fulfill General Education requirement as well as Academic Concentration requirement. Consult advisor.
Complete a minimum of 15 credit hours in one of the following Academic Concentrations:15
Business Education
Introduction to Business
Business Communications
Career Education Multimedia Applications
Principles of Economics, Macroeconomics
Personal Money Management
Principles of Management
Software Productivity Tools
Foreign Languages: French
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Culture, Conversation, and Composition
French Phonetics
Advanced French Grammar
Advanced French Conversation
Foreign Languages: German
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
Culture, Conversation and Composition
Advanced Composition and Conversation I
Advanced German Grammar
Advanced Composition and Conversation II
Foreign Languages: Spanish
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Culture, Conversation and Composition
Spanish Phonetics/Phonology
Advanced Conversation and Composition
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Health and Physical Education
Principles of Physical Education and Health
Foundations of Instructing Sport and Recreation Concepts
Physical Education and Health Methods I
Foundations of Fitness and Rhythm in Physical Education
Remedial and Adaptive Physical Education
Assessment and Evaluation in Health and Physical Education
School Health Methods
Language Arts
Reading and Writing about Literature
Introduction to Linguistics
Advanced Writing
Literature for Adolescents
Select one of the following American Literature couses:
Survey of US Literature I
Survey of US Literature II
Literature of the American West
Select one of the following British Literature courses:
Survey of British and Commonwealth Literature I
Survey of British and Commonwealth Literature II
Seminar in Shakespeare
Math for Elementary Teachers I
Math for Elementary Teachers II
Middle School Mathematics
Elementary Statistics
Select 6 credit hours of the following:
Plane Trigonometry
Finite Mathematics
Applied Calculus I
Natural Sciences
Human Physiology
Advanced Physical Science
Select one of the following options:
Introductory Chemistry
General Chemistry
and General Chemistry Laboratory
Select 2 of the following:
The Dynamic Planet: Hazards in the Environment
Earth Science
Social Sciences
Contemporary Economic Issues
Western Civilization II
American History II
Nebraska and the Great Plains History
World Regional Geography
Human Geography
Select 1 of the following:
Physical Geography I: The Atmosphere (with lab)
Physical Geography II: The Lithosphere (with lab)
The Dynamic Planet: Hazards in the Environment (without lab)
Human Development
Behavioral Statistics
Research Methods I
Memory and Cognition
Adolescent Psychology
Special Education
Math Methods I
Math Methods II
Phonics and Word Study
Literacy Assessment
Primary Grades Literacy
Field Experience: Literacy
Math for Elementary Teachers I
Math for Elementary Teachers II
Select 1 credit hour of the following:
Practicum: Math (Take .5 credit hour course twice)
Total Credit Hours46.5

Students with sufficient preparation may enter the mathematics program at a higher level. Students are required to take a LOPERs 4: Mathematics, Statistical, and Quantitative Reasoning course regardless of entry level.


Designated courses with the appropriate content may be approved to satisfy one of the Broad Knowledge requirements plus LOPER 9 or Broad Knowledge plus LOPER 10. Courses may be approved to satisfy LOPER 9 or LOPER 10 alone. (Courses satisfying LOPER 9 or LOPER 10 alone must be 3 credit hours.) Students applying this option will need to take additional hours in other categories to meet the required General Education hours.


Students must apply for admission to all Teacher Education programs.

Semester 1
Total Credit Hours0
Semester 2
Total Credit Hours0
Semester 3
Total Credit Hours0
Semester 4
Total Credit Hours0
Semester 5
Total Credit Hours0
Semester 6
Total Credit Hours0
Semester 7
Total Credit Hours0
Semester 8
Total Credit Hours0