Student and Family Transitions

Nebraskan Student Union - 142A
(308) 865-1603

The Office of Student and Family Transitions informs, supports, and engages all new undergraduate students and their families through programming, services, and involvement opportunities that promote an inclusive, affirming, and welcoming environment to help students find where they belong.

Student-Centered – All decisions are made with students at the center. Students are given the resources to take ownership of their college experience.

Collaborative – We develop and rely on transparent and collaborative relationships with the campus community, alumni, and other stakeholders.

Diverse and Inclusive – We work to ensure the inherent dignity of all while providing an inclusive and welcoming environment. We provide a framework for students to learn and develop, regardless of background and identity.

Intentional – We use assessment, research, and best practices to make decisions. We will measure program success through consistent evaluation and assessment.