The General Studies Program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for advanced study.

Transfers with Completed Associates or Bachelor's Degree: Students admitted to UNK with an Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), or Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution will have fulfilled UNK’s General Studies program requirements. Such students must still complete any GS requirements specified within their program of study.

Credit Hours: 30-31 hours in total. Students must complete one 3 credit-hour course that satisfies each learning objective/program essential requirement (LOPER) for LOPERs 1 through 10. LOPER 11 is optional. LOPER 8 (Natural Science) may be satisfied with a 3- or 4-credit hour course.

Program Requirements within General Studies: Departments are permitted to require that their majors complete particular courses for LOPERs 2-11. Students should consult the program requirements in their major to choose appropriate GS courses for their degree. 

General Studies Courses from a Single Department: A student may not take more than 3 courses with the same department/discipline prefix in their General Studies program. Lecture/lab combinations from a single department that must be taken as co-requisites count as one course for this rule.

Electives in the General Studies Program:  Designated courses with the appropriate content will satisfy one of the Broad Knowledge requirements (LOPERs 5-8) plus LOPER 9 or a Broad Knowledge requirement plus LOPER 10. 

A student who satisfies LOPER 9 or LOPER 10 with a course that also meets another requirement will have 3 hours of elective GS credits in the 30-hour program.  A student who satisfies both LOPERs 9 and 10 with courses that also meet other requirements will have 6 hours of elective credits.

Students may use their elective credits (where applicable) for additional coursework in LOPERs 2-10, or for LOPER 11 (Wellness).