Women's and Gender Studies Program

Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program of research and study. The program uses gender as a tool of analysis to examine power relations, addressing such issues as race, sexuality, and class. Women's and Gender Studies explores the diversity of women's creative, social, economic, spiritual, and political realities. The program empowers students to re-examine their world and create change.

An introductory course sets the tone for investigation by surveying women's roles, images, and contributions found in historical and contemporary society. Students can then choose specifically-designated women's and gender studies courses which will be useful in their major fields of study. These courses developed within several departments enhance the students' liberal arts education by addressing the theoretical and practical use of women's and gender studies related to their particular subject areas.

Students in pre-law, pre-medicine, business, counseling, science, social science, the arts, education, and the humanities will benefit from this minor since it informs, challenges and directs men and women students toward a more equitable assessment of society.

For more information contact:

Linda Van Ingen, Director
Women's and Gender Studies Program
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, NE 68849
(308) 865-8772

The Women's and Gender Studies minor program consists of 18 credit hours of designated Women's and Gender Studies courses: 3 required credit hours and 15 elective credit hours to be taken in at least two different departments.

Women's Studies (WSTD)

WSTD 220 – Women's & Gender Studies     3 credit hours

This course explores the interdisciplinary subject of Women's and Gender Studies where woman is understood as a category of analysis and gender is studied as a system of relations and power. Society's role in constructing gender, sexuality and race will also be explored, as will the idea that feminism is a historical process.

WSTD 420 – Senior Seminar in Women's Studies     3 credit hours

This course will allow students to pursue their major field of study in relation to women's studies. Under faculty direction, students will read independently, research, and write on a topic of interest. The seminar will meet to share research and to explore the larger issues of feminist theory.
Prerequisite: WSTD 220

WSTD 499 – Special Topics in Women's Studies     1-3 credit hours

Topics are studied which are not assigned or covered in other Women's Studies courses. The format of this course will vary depending on the topic, instructor and the needs of the students.
Total Credits Allowed: 3.00
Prerequisite: WSTD 220 or permission of instructor