Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Offered by Women's Studies Program

WSTD 220Women's & Gender Studies3
Select 15 credit hours of the following in at least two departments:15
Senior Seminar in Women's Studies
Special Topics in Women's Studies
Women in Art
Victimology: Victims of Crime
Sex Crimes
Women and Crime
Minorities and Criminal Justice
Special Topics 1
Terrorism and Crisis Negotiations
Introduction to Counseling and Social Advocacy
Introduction to Literature: Special Topics (Queer Literature) 1
Images of Women in Literature
Contemporary American Multicultural Lit
American Women Writers
Children's Literature
Literature for Adolescents
Topics: Women's Literature
Special Topics (Performance Poetry/Prose) 1
Special Topics (Women and Revenge in Western Literature) 1
Seminar on Women in a Foreign Literature
Seminar on Women in French/Francophone Lit
Human Sexual Behavior
Advanced Study of Sexual Behaviors
Saints and Sinners
Society and Gender in the Middle Ages
Women in Europe
Women in America
The United States Since 1941
Topical Studies (The 1960s ) 1
Topical Studies (Women and War in Modern Europe) 1
Topics in Mass Media (Women, Minorities, and the Media) 1
Mass Media and Society
Women Composers and Their Music: A Historical Approach
Race & Politics
Feminist Political Thought
Psychology of Gender
Social Inequality
Sociology of Gender
Sociology of Sexuality
Sociology of Family
Sociology of Health and Illness
Introduction to Social Welfare
Social Policy & Programs
Diversity and Social Justice
Violence Across the Lifespan
Seminar on Women in Hispanic Literature
Total Credit Hours18

 See advisor for approved topic.