Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Offered by Women's Studies Program

WSTD 220Women's & Gender Studies3
Select 15 credit hours of the following in at least two departments:15
Research in Women's & Gender Studies
Special Topics in Women's & Gender Studies
Art, Activism, & Social Movements
Women in Art
Victimology: Victims of Crime
Sex Crimes
Women and Crime
Minorities and Criminal Justice
Introduction to Counseling and Social Advocacy
Introduction to Literature: Special Topics (Queer Literature) 1
Images of Women in Literature
Contemporary American Multicultural Lit
American Women Writers
Children's Literature
Literature for Adolescents
Topics: Women's Literature
Introduction to Ethnic Studies
Seminar on Women in a Foreign Literature
Seminar on Women in French/Francophone Lit
Human Sexual Behavior
Marriage and Family Relationships
Advanced Study of Sexual Behaviors
Women in America
The United States Since 1945
Topical Studies (The 1960s ) 1
Topical Studies (Women and War in Modern Europe) 1
Topics in Mass Media (Women, Minorities, and the Media) 1
Mass Media and Society
Women Composers and Their Music: A Historical Approach
Race & Politics
Feminist Political Thought
Psychology of Gender
Social Inequality
Sociology of Gender
Sociology of Sexuality
Sociology of Family
Sociology of Health and Illness
Introduction to Social Welfare
Social Policy & Programs
Diversity and Social Justice
Violence Across the Lifespan
Seminar on Women in Hispanic Literature
Communication Concepts in Society
Total Credit Hours18

 See advisor for approved topic.