Repeated Courses

Students may repeat courses to improve their GPA or to update their skills. When a course is repeated, the latter grade stands and is factored in the GPA regardless of the grade received. However, repeating a course with the grading basis of credit/no credit will not replace a letter grade previously earned. After the second grade is awarded, the first grade is removed from the student's grade point average. The original course and grade remain on the student's transcript with the notation "Course repeated exclude from GPA calculation".

Whenever a student repeats a course for a better grade, they must notify the Office of the University Registrar. When notification is received prior to the end of the semester, the results of the repeated course will be reflected in the student's final grade report. Credit can be issued only once for a repeated course.

Courses designed to be repeated, where additional credit hours may be earned, are not eligible for the re-registration option. Such courses include, but are not limited to, Independent Study, Practicum and Internships. Courses assigned a subtitle can only be considered for re-registration if the student enrolls in the course under the same subtitle.

Grades earned in equivalent courses taken at another campus of the University (UNL, UNO, UNMC) may be used to replace a grade earned at UNK. Only those courses identified as University equivalents by the academic departments and listed in the UN Equivalency Guide may be considered under this policy. No other substitutions will be allowed. Courses taken outside the University of Nebraska system cannot be used to replace a grade earned at UNK.