Change of Schedule (Drop/Add)

Adding a Class

A class can be added to your schedule using MyBLUE up until the class starts or the 100% refund period ends.  Start dates are found on the class schedule.  Refund dates can be found on the Student Accounts site.

Late adds begin after the 100% refund period ends and require permission prior to enrollment in MyBLUE.

A $15.00 Late Registration Fee will be assessed to those students whose initial enrollment takes place after the start of the session.

Dropping/Withdrawing a Class

Fall and Spring

A class can be dropped from your schedule using MyBLUE up until the last day to withdraw.  Dropping a full semester course after the first week through the end of the ninth week of the semester will be awarded a “W”.  The last day to withdraw from a full semester course can be found on the academic calendar.  

For courses of duration other than an entire semester, a student dropping a course after the first day of the class and any time prior to the end of the mid-point of the class duration (e.g., the end of the fourth week of an eight-week course) will be awarded a "W." Classes cannot be dropped after the mid-point of the course.  

Summer and Three-Week Session

Students will receive a “W” on their transcripts for classes dropped on or after the first day of the class.

Dropping vs Withdrawing Definitions

Drops can only be completed in the 100% refund period of your course.  If you drop the course from your schedule during this period, it will not be listed on your academic transcript.

Withdraws can be completed up until the last day to withdraw for the semester.  The last day to withdraw can be found on the Academic Calendar.  If you withdraw from a course, a grade of “W” is given for that course and this will be listed on your academic transcript.  “W” grades have no impact on your academic GPA.

An "F" will be reported if a student stops attending class and neither officially withdraws from the course prior to the appropriate deadline nor establishes, prior to the end of the term and to the satisfaction of the instructor, that extenuating circumstances prevented completion of the course. If the instructor determines that such extenuating circumstances were present, an "I" (incomplete) may be recorded on the student's grade report and transcript.