Housing and Dining

Fee Type Fee
One-time Housing Application Fee Non-Refundable $50
Laundry - unlimited use of washers and dryers per semester $50
METS (Managing Environments Through Students) per semester $5
Social Programming Fund per semester $5
RHA (Residence Hall Association) Fund per semester $5

2021-2022 Fall/Spring (each semester) Room & Board

Community Style | Double Room

Fee Type Fee
Men's, University Residence North, University Residence South Closed Winter Break $2,653
Mantor, Randall Winter Break Housing $2,794

Suite Style | Double Room

Fee Type Fee
Centennial Towers East, Centennial Towers West Winter Break Housing $2,794
Antelope, Nester North, Nester South, 2 & 4 Bedroom *Upperclassmen Only Winter Break Housing $3,256

Suite Style | Deluxe Upperclass Options

Fee Type Fee
Deluxe Double - Limited Mantor, CTE, CTW Private bathroom, carpeted, MicroFridge in room $3,256
Single - one occupant, MicroFridge provided $3,494
Small Single - CTE & CTW only Limited rooms $2,794
Single Room - per semester, pro-rated in addition to double room rate + $700

Meal Plan Rates - per semester

Fee Type Fee
Loper Plan - 220 Block Meals, 580 Dining Dollars $2,596
Gold Plan - 160 Block Meals, 460 Dining Dollars $2,545
Blue Plan - 120 Block Meals, 340 Dining Dollars $2,420

Summer Term

For information about housing options during the summer sessions, see http://www.unk.edu/offices/reslife/summer-housing-information.php.

If a student withdraws from the University before the end of a term, board and room are partially refundable. A refund is processed according to the date the student completes the checkout steps and returns the key(s).