Ethnic Studies Minor

Offered by Ethnic Studies Program

ETHS 101Introduction to Ethnic Studies3
Select 15 credit hours from at least two of the three academic groups:15
Arts and Humanities
Intro to Literature: Non-Western Civilization
Introduction to Literature: Special Topics
Contemporary American Multicultural Lit
American History
American History
Religion in America
Colonial America 1492-1750
Introduction to Jazz and Blues
Introduction to Rock and Blues
Intercultural Communication
Natural and Social Sciences
Minorities and Criminal Justice
Race & Politics
Research in Ethnic Studies
Senior Seminar in Comparative Ethnic Studies
Social Inequality
Global Cultures and Diversity
The Holocaust
Race and Minority Relations
Social Policy & Programs
Diversity and Social Justice
International Social Work Experience
Applied and Professional Studies
Cross-Cultural Family Patterns
Sociology of Sport
Total Credit Hours18

Work closely with the director of the Ethnic Studies Program to design individualized course of study.