Office of Graduate Studies Role and Mission

The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers masters and specialist degree programs in selected areas of study determined by the educational needs of the citizens of the region and by academic resources. The Office of Graduate Studies & Academic Outreach is responsible for the governance of graduate instructional programs through the polices of the University of Nebraska Graduate College and the University of Nebraska at Kearney Graduate Council. Graduate Studies & Academic Outreach encourages, facilitates, and supports students in all units of the university.

Mission:  The Office of Graduate Studies & Academic Outreach strives to elevate UNK's graduate, online, and non-credit education programs to be exceptionally innovative and increasingly visible on campus, in the Kearney community, in the state of Nebraska and beyond.

The Office of Graduate Studies & Academic Outreach central purpose:

  1. To provide support for graduate programs through the leadership of the Dean and the Graduate Council, representing the graduate faculty;
  2. To ensure the quality and continued innovative practices of graduate programs through support for program self-assessment and through regular program review;
  3. To continue to expand student services to meet the needs of students today to be accessible academic programs, online opportunities, and continued professional and personal development; and
  4. To stimulate and support graduate student research and creative activities.