Intercampus Registration

The University of Nebraska attempts to facilitate student access to the total educational opportunities of a multi-campus University through means such as intercampus registration. A student enrolled at UNL, UNO, UNK, or UNMC may enroll as a visiting student on another campus within the University of Nebraska system by using the intercampus registration procedure as follows:

  1. A student submits the Intercampus Registration Form to verify eligibility to continue study on the home campus. The form is available online at Application for Intercampus Enrollment and is valid for one semester/term of enrollment only.
  2. Students must meet course prerequisites of the host campus.
  3. If a student is enrolled on more than one campus during a given registration period, they will pay the tuition and fees billed by the respective campus on which the courses are being taken.
  4. There will be no discrimination in class space on the basis of "home campus--visiting campus" criteria.
  5. Transcripts for intercampus students will automatically be sent to the degree campus at the end of the term.
  6. For students entering UNK as Intercampus or Change of Campus students from another campus of the University of Nebraska, all holds for financial or disciplinary reasons must be cleared before the student will be admitted.
*  Each campus will honor the holds placed on students by the other campuses.
*  Students will need to work with the campus that placed the hold to get it resolved.
*  Staff from the respective campuses will work at keeping lines of communication open to help students resolve the issue.
*  The hold will be removed by the campus which placed the hold.
         This agreement applies only to holds regarding discipline and financial matters.
 7.  Current students must have enrolled at their home campus within the last 3 semesters.

Each campus is responsible for maintaining a permanent record of all student coursework on that campus. Student transcripts will identify the campus where the credit has been earned and include the credit hours and grade for each course taken on the campus within the system. All grades received for courses taken within the system since the Summer of 1991 will be used in computing a student's grade point average.