UNK Police

Facilities Building
(308) 865-8911

UNK Police partners with students, faculty, staff and visitors to provide a safe, protected and orderly environment. This is to include, but not limited to, enforcing all University policies, state, federal and local laws, providing security, crime prevention resources, the safe walk service, and monitoring campus parking. Officers are trained through the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Academy and are commissioned as State Deputy Sheriffs giving them full arrest powers. For more detailed information concerning UNK Police, go to their website.

Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report (Clery Report)

A copy of the Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report (Clery Report) is available upon request at the UNK Police Office.

  • Disclosure
  • Authority/ Working Relationship with State and Local Police
  • Reporting of Criminal Activities and Emergencies
  • University Notification/Safety Alerts
  • Crime Stats
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
  • Firearms and Weapons Policy
  • Missing Persons Policy
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • Victim Services
  • Sex Offender Registry and Access to Related Information
  • Crime Prevention
  • Other Educational Classes
  • Access to Campus Facilities
  • Maintenance and Security of Campus Facilities
  • Preparation of Annual Security Report
  • Fire Policies and Stats

Drug Free Schools and Campus Regulations Report

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Description of applicable legal sanctions under federal, state or local law for unlawful possession or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol
  • Description of health risks associated with use of illicit drugs and alcohol
  • Assistance Programs
  • University Sanctions
  • Drug Charts
  • Drug Policies

Parking Regulations Summary

Through the Board of Regents, UNK is authorized to establish and enforce parking regulations and levy penalties to control parking. In order to regulate parking, permits are sold starting the first week in July at the Parking Services Office in the General Services Building or the Finance Office in Warner Hall. For information regarding permits, fees, and other parking regulations go to: www.unk.edu/parkingrules. Parking Division phone number: (308) 865-8367

Crisis Management Immediate Resources

The Division of Student Affairs Office assists students, faculty, and staff with any issues or concerns that may affect a student's ability to succeed at UNK. Concern for a student may require referral to other resources for specific attention. For available resources, refer to the CARE Team web page at www.unk.edu/student_affairs/care-team.php. For immediate assistance call UNK Police at (308) 865-8911 or 911.