Exercise Science, Bachelor of Science

Offered by Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences

General Studies
Foundational Core (Written, Math, Oral, Democracy)
Foundational Core courses12
Elementary Statistics
Select one course numbered 1883
ENG 101Introduction of Academic Writing3
If ENG 101 is taken as a prerequisite for ENG 102 then only 24 additional hours are required to meet the 27 credit hour minimum in the Distribution Area of General Studies
Social Sciences6
General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Natural Sciences9
General Physics I
and Physics I Laboratory
Select one of the following:
Introductory Chemistry
General Chemistry
and General Chemistry Laboratory
Analytical and Quantitative Thought0
Healthy Wealthy and Wise
Introduction to Nutrition
Select one course numbered 3883
BS Science-related course requirements
MATH 102College Algebra 13
Major Option
Complete all required courses36
Minor or 2nd Major
Complete all required courses 224
Unrestricted electives
Needed to complete 120 credit hours6
Total Credit Hours120

Please see the Department for Entrance Requirements. Other information available at the program's web page.

Major Option

Exercise Science Requirements
PE 107Introduction to Exercise Science1
PE 305Fitness Leadership2
PE 310Introduction to Human Physiology of Exercise3
PE 329Introduction to Health Promotions3
PE 360Introduction to Anatomical Biomechanics4
PE 422Essentials of Strength and Conditioning2
PE 422LEssentials of Strength and Conditioning Lab0
PE 461Physiology of Exercise4
PE 467Fitness Testing4
PE 468Public Health Aspects of Physical Activity3
PE 475Research Methods in Exercise Science3
PE 452Exercise Prescription for Special Populations3
PE 496Professional Readiness in Exercise Science1
Take 3 hours from:3
Sports Nutrition
Special Topics in Exercise Nutrition
Total Credit Hours36