English Minor in Creative Writing

English Courses
Take all of the following:
ENG 102Special Topics in Academic Writing and Research3
ENG 211Introduction to Creative Writing3
Writing Courses
Take 6 hours from the following:6
Beginning Fiction Writing
Introduction to Creative Writing for the Stage/Screen
Beginning Poetry Writing
Advanced Writing Courses
Take 6 hours from the following:6
Creative Play/Script Writing
Advanced Fiction Writing
Advanced Poetry Writing
Creative Writing Professionalism
Narrative Strategies
Poetic Strategies
Literature Electives
Take 3 hours from the following:3
Reading and Writing about Literature
European Literature in Translation
Postcolonial Literature in a Global Context
Ancient Literature
Special Topics in Popular Literature
Studies in a Literary Genre
Survey of US Literature I
Survey of US Literature II
Literature of the American West
Contemporary American Multicultural Lit
American Women Writers
Reading Nebraska
Nebraska Life Writing
Survey of British and Commonwealth Literature I
Survey of British and Commonwealth Literature II
Film Genre
History of the Motion Picture
Principles of Literary Criticism
Children's Literature
Literature for Adolescents
Colonial/Early American Literature
Seminar in the American Renaissance
Seminar in American Realism
Seminar in Early 20th Century American Literature
Seminar in Post-World War II American Literature
Seminar in World Literature
The Graphic Novel
Topics: Women's Literature
Early/Middle English Literature
Seminar in Shakespeare
Seminar in the Renaissance
Literature of the English Restoration and Eighteenth Century
Seminar in Romanticism
Seminar in Victorian Literature
Seminar in Modernism
Postmodern/Contemporary British Literature
Classic Literature of Childhood
Total Credit Hours21