English Minor


Offered by Department of English

(Only Honors General Studies courses listed are applicable to this minor.)

ENG 102Special Topics in Academic Writing and Research3
ENG 234Reading and Writing about Literature3
Select one of the following emphases:15
Literature Emphasis
Select all of the following to total 15 credit hours:
Select 9 credit hours of Literature courses
Select 3 credit hours of English language courses
Select 3 credit hours of Writing courses
Writing Emphasis
Select all of the following to total 15 credit hours:
Select 3-6 credit hours of Literature courses
Select 3 credit hours of English language courses
Select 6-9 credit hours of Writing courses
Total Credit Hours21

Literature Courses

ENG 235HAmerican Studies3
ENG 240HLiterary Classics of the Western World3
ENG 260Images of Women in Literature3
ENG 280HSpecial Topics3
ENG 330European Literature in Translation3
ENG 333Postcolonial Literature in a Global Context3
ENG 336Ancient Literature3
ENG 337Special Topics in Popular Literature3
ENG 338Studies in a Literary Genre3
ENG 352ASurvey of US Literature I3
ENG 352BSurvey of US Literature II3
ENG 358Literature of the American West3
ENG 359Contemporary American Multicultural Lit3
ENG 360American Women Writers3
ENG 361AReading Nebraska3
ENG 361BNebraska Life Writing3
ENG 362ASurvey of British and Commonwealth Literature I3
ENG 362BSurvey of British and Commonwealth Literature II3
ENG 373Film Genre3
ENG 374History of the Motion Picture3
ENG 406Principles of Literary Criticism3
ENG 425Children's Literature3
ENG 426Literature for Adolescents3
ENG 442Colonial/Early American Literature3
ENG 443Seminar in the American Renaissance3
ENG 444Seminar in American Realism3
ENG 445Seminar in Early 20th Century American Literature3
ENG 447Seminar in Post-World War II American Literature3
ENG 450Seminar in World Literature3
ENG 455The Graphic Novel3
ENG 460Topics: Women's Literature3
ENG 462Early/Middle English Literature3
ENG 463Seminar in Shakespeare3
ENG 464Seminar in the Renaissance3
ENG 466Literature of the English Restoration and Eighteenth Century3
ENG 467Seminar in Romanticism3
ENG 468Seminar in Victorian Literature3
ENG 469Seminar in Modernism3
ENG 474Postmodern/Contemporary British Literature3
ENG 483Film Institute1-3
ENG 484Classic Literature of Childhood3
ENG 490Special Topics1-3

English Language Courses

ENG 303Introduction to Linguistics3
ENG 304Grammar I3
ENG 404History of the English Language3

Writing Courses

ENG 211Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENG 214Beginning Fiction Writing3
ENG 215Introduction to Creative Writing for the Stage/Screen3
ENG 217Beginning Poetry Writing3
ENG 311Advanced Writing3
ENG 312Technical and Science Writing3
ENG 320Creative Play/Script Writing3
ENG 415Advanced Fiction Writing3
ENG 419Advanced Poetry Writing3
ENG 429Theory and Pedagogy of Writing3
ENG 435Creative Writing Professionalism3
ENG 436Critical Writing Professionalism3
ENG 485Narrative Strategies3
ENG 486Poetic Strategies3
ENG 471Seminar in Rhetoric3

May count in one of the areas above, depending on course content. See advisor:

  • ENG 499, Individual Research - 3 credit hours