Tuition and Fees


The most current listing of tuition, as well as a tuition calculator, can be found at the Student Accounts website.

Authority to set tuition rates is vested in the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. The tuition rates which apply to any succeeding fiscal year will not be known until June of each year. The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, therefore, reserves the right to change tuition and fee schedules and related policies, including the time, date, and method for payment, at any time.


Fees are subject to change. Please visit the Student Accounts website for current fee amounts.

Fee Type
Activity Fee (on-campus per semester)
The purpose of the Activity Fee is to help finance student programs. This fee is charged to all students enrolled in on-campus courses. (No summer charge)
Admissions Application Fee
The Admissions Application Fee is a onetime, mandatory fee that is used to establish a student's graduate records. Payable at the time of admission - not refundable.
Distance Education Fee (online per credit hour)
The purpose of the fee is to provide the resources needed for developing and supporting both teaching and learning in a course that significantly utilizes learning technologies. Specifically, the costs associated with instructional design and support, faculty development and training in the use of instructional technology, accessibility and other quality standards, course development, and online learner orientation, communication and support. The fee is to be assessed to distance (fully online) and blended (partially online) courses.
Diversity & Inclusion Fee (on-campus per semester)
The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion administers programs and services that foster and develop a supportive environment for students of American ethnic heritage, promotes a diverse climate conducive to the educational achievement of all students and encourages a global perspective of learning for the campus. This fee supports new programs focused on bringing culturally rich educational events and activities to campus. (No summer charge)
Facility Fee (on-campus per semester)
Supports ongoing maintenance, repair and operation of student facilities.
Health and Counseling Fee (on-campus per semester)
The Health and Counseling Fee is used to support Student Health and Counseling.
ID Card Fee (on-campus per semester)
Provides student with validated ID card and access to a variety of facilities and services associated with the ID card.
Late Registration Fee
A student may register late1 after Open Registration1 has ended and classes have begun.
Initial registration, after the first week of the semester (Fall and Spring) or after the first class day (Summer), is considered late and a $15 late registration fee will be charged.
Library Fee (on-campus, online per credit hour)
The Library Fee supplements book collections, research materials and serial journal collections.
Student Events Fee (on-campus per semester)
Permits admission to UNK sponsored events (athletic and fine arts) and supports the intramural program and the Student Talent Development Program. The program enables UNK to participate in opportunities that develop student leadership skills or that provide venues for students to display intellectual talent and other exceptional accomplishment. This fee is charged to all students enrolled in on-campus courses. (No summer charge)
Student Records Fee (on-campus, online per semester)
The Student Records Fee provides for lifetime copies of paper transcripts. This fee is charged to all enrolled students. Expedited service in the form of an e-transcript is subject to additional cost.
Student Union Fee (on-campus per semester)
The Student Union Fee supports the Nebraskan Student Union.
Technology Fee (on-campus, online per credit hour/capped 15hrs)
The Technology Fee funds enhance and increase the instructional and informational technology literacy and access for UNK students.
Wellness Center Fee (on-campus per semester)
The Wellness Center fee is cost recovery for construction of the facility and then for ongoing operations and maintenance of the facility.
Special Fees
Graduation Fee (all degrees)
International Student Fee
Credential Fees (optional)
Additional Course Fees
Certain courses require a materials fee in addition to regular registration fees.
Student Parking Permit Fee
The Parking Fee provides for a permit to park in designated areas on campus but does not guarantee a parking space.

Open/Late Registration