Offered by Department of Political Science

Students preparing for law school should seek a sound liberal arts education. It is recommended that these students consult with one of the college Pre-Law advisors in the Department of Political Science and request a catalog and other literature from law schools they may wish to attend. Arrangements should be made to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) approximately one year before entering law school. Requests for local test dates for LSAT examination may be made at the Testing Center.

Students planning to complete their degree at UNK before entering law school should select a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program and an appropriate academic major and minor field. While political science is a common choice for pre-law students, other disciplines such as history, English, economics, business, and speech are also suitable.

Students are encouraged to seek a broad liberal arts education and to take challenging courses that emphasize writing and reasoning. In addition to political science, courses in history, English, philosophy, journalism, speech, psychology, and mathematics, as well as business administration and computer science are especially recommended. Students are also strongly encouraged to study at least one foreign language.

For more advice on what courses to take (and when to take them) please see one of the designated Pre-Law advisors in the Political Science Department. All pre-law students are welcome, irrespective of their chosen major.