Modern Languages 7-12 Teaching Subject Endorsement

Offered by Department of Modern Languages

For departmental assessment purposes, all majors will be required to complete a comprehensive examination in their declared language emphasis (French, German, or Spanish) during their final semester.

Bachelor of Arts in Education

General Studies
Foundational Requirements (LOPERs 1-4)12
LOPER 2: Writing Skills
Introduction to Academic Writing
LOPER 3: Oral Communication Skills
Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Broad Knowledge Requirements (LOPERs 5-8)9
LOPER 7: Social Science
Introduction to American Politics
Dispositional Requirements (LOPERs 9-10) 16
LOPER 9: Civic Competency
Introduction to American Politics
LOPER 10: Respect for Human Diversity
Teaching in a Democratic Society
LOPER 11: Wellness3
Healthy Wealthy and Wise
Program-Specific Requirements3
Special Topics in Academic Writing and Research
Professional Sequence
Complete all required courses 225
Management and Assessment in K-12/Secondary Classrooms
Field Experience in Secondary Classroom
Complete all required courses36
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hour minimum26
Total Credit Hours120


Modern Languages Teaching Subject Endorsement Requirements
FORL 472Foreign Language Pedagogy3
FORL 480Modern Languages Seminar3
Modern Languages Teaching Subject Supporting Courses
Select one of the following:30
Total Credit Hours36

French Emphasis

FREN 200Intermediate French I3
FREN 201Intermediate French II3
FREN 205Culture, Conversation, and Composition3
FREN 308Advanced French Grammar3
FREN 309Foundations of Literacy3
FREN 310Cultural History I3
FREN 311Cultural History II3
Select 9 credit hours of the following:9
French Study Abroad II
French Study Abroad II
FREN 300-499
Total Credit Hours30

German Emphasis

GERM 200Intermediate German I3
GERM 201Intermediate German II3
GERM 205Culture, Conversation and Composition3
GERM 308Advanced German Grammar3
GERM 309Foundations of Literacy3
GERM 310Cultural History I3
GERM 311Cultural History II3
Select 9 credit hours of the following:9
German Study Abroad II
German Study Abroad II
GERM 300-499
Total Credit Hours30

Spanish Emphasis

SPAN 200Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 205Culture, Conversation and Composition3
or SPAN 215 Introduction to Spanish Studies for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 308Advanced Spanish Grammar3
or SPAN 318 Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1
SPAN 309Foundations of Literacy3
or SPAN 319 Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers 2
SPAN 310Cultural History of Spain & Latin America I3
SPAN 311Cultural History of Spain & Latin America II3
Select 9 credit hours of the following:9
Spanish Study Abroad II
Spanish Study Abroad II
SPAN 300-499
Total Credit Hours30

Students may elect to pursue more than one emphasis (language) area. For those students, 6 credit hours of Intermediate Level Language (200, 201) may be counted toward the 9 credit hours of open electives. Consult with the department chair for approval.


Designated courses with the appropriate content may be approved to satisfy one of the Broad Knowledge requirements plus LOPER 9 or Broad Knowledge plus LOPER 10. Courses may be approved to satisfy LOPER 9 or LOPER 10 alone. (Courses satisfying LOPER 9 or LOPER 10 alone must be 3 credit hours.) Students applying this option will need to take additional hours in other categories to meet the required GS hours.


Students must apply for admission to all Teacher Education programs.