Mathematics, Bachelor of Science

Offered by Department of Mathematics and Statistics

General Studies
Foundational Requirements (LOPERs 1-4)14
LOPER 2: Writing Skills
Introduction to Academic Writing
LOPER 4: Mathematics, Statistics and Quantitative Reasoning
Calculus I with Analytic Geometry 1
Broad Knowledge Requirements (LOPERs 5-8)11
Take any one course in LOPER 5, LOPER 6, or LOPER 7 that also satisfies a Dispositional Requirement (LOPER 9 or LOPER 10) in addition to the Broad Knowledge Requirement. The courses that meet these criteria are listed at See advisor for assistance.
LOPER 8: Natural Sciences
General Physics I (Calculus)
General Physics I (Calculus) Laboratory
Dispositional Requirements (LOPERs 9-10) 26
Wellness (LOPER 11) Optional0
Program Specific Requirements3
Special Topics in Academic Writing and Research
Major Option
Complete all required courses34
Minor or 2nd Major
Complete all required couses 324
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hour minimum28
Total Credit Hours120

Must be completed with no grade below a "C".

Major Option

Math Core Requirements
MATH 202Calculus II with Analytic Geometry5
MATH 250Foundations of Math3
MATH 260Calculus III5
MATH 280Linear Algebra3
MATH 305Differential Equations3
MATH 350Abstract Algebra3
MATH 365Complex Analysis3
MATH 460Advanced Calculus I3
Select 6 credit hours of the following:6
MATH 300-MATH 499 4
STAT 300-STAT 499
Total Credit Hours34

Students without sufficient preparation will also need to take the following courses, increasing the total credit hours needed:


Designated courses with the appropriate content may be approved to satisfy one of the Broad Knowledge requirements plus LOPER 9 or Broad Knowledge plus LOPER 10. Courses may be approved to satisfy LOPER 9 or LOPER 10 alone. (Courses satisfying LOPER 9 or LOPER 10 alone must be 3 credit hours.) Students applying this option will need to take additional hours in other categories to meet the required GS hours.


A minor or second major is required for a complete degree program. The number of required electives needed to reach 120 total credit hours overall will depend upon the specific program chosen.


Except MATH 330, MATH 430 or MATH 470.