Industrial Technology, Bachelor of Science

Offered by Department of Industrial Technology

All College of Business and Technology Graduation Requirements must be fulfilled.

General Studies
Foundational Core (Written, Math, Oral, Democracy)
Foundational Core courses12
College Algebra 1
Select one course numbered 1883
ENG 101Introduction of Academic Writing3
If ENG 101 is taken as a prerequisite for ENG 102 then only 24 additional hours are required to meet the 27 credit hour minimum in the Distribution Area of General Studies
Social Sciences 26
Natural Sciences7
Analytical and Quantitative Thought0
Needed to reach 27 credit hour minimum in Distribution2
Select one course numbered 3883
BS Science-related course requirements
MATH 103Plane Trigonometry3
or MATH 123 Applied Calculus I
Major Option
Complete all required courses34
Minor or 2nd Major
Complete all required courses 324
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hour minimum14
Total Credit Hours120

Students must earn a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in the core courses, including any emphasis areas required.

Major Option

Industrial Technology Requirements
ITEC 110Introduction to Technology1
ITEC 120Interpretation of Technical Documents3
ITEC 130Technology Today3
ITEC 308Industrial Management3
ITEC 408Leadership in Business and Technology3
SFED 435Occupation Safety/Health3
Technology Core Requirements
Select 18 credit hours of the following:18
Internetworking Literacy
Virtual Design & Construction
Statics and Strength of Materials
Construction Materials & Methods
Machine Tool Products and Applications
Industrial Products & Applications I
Industrial Products & Applications II
Communicating Through Technology
Mechanical and Electrical Systems
Building Codes and Inspections
Manufacturing/Distribution Relationships
Purchasing for Wholesale Distribution
Total Credit Hours34

Students with sufficient preparation may enter the mathematics program at a higher level, reducing the total credit hours needed for the major.


Recommended: ITEC 210


A minor or second major is required for a complete degree program. The number of required electives needed to reach 120 total credit hours overall will depend upon the specific program chosen.