Social Science 7-12 Teaching Field Endorsement, Bachelor of Arts in Education

This degree prepares students to be credentialed to teach History and the Social Sciences in grades 7-12.


Offered by Department of History

General Studies
Foundational Requirements (LOPERs 1-4)12
LOPER 2: Writing Skills
Introduction to Academic Writing
LOPER 3: Oral Communication Skills
Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Broad Knowledge Requirements (LOPERs 5-8)9
LOPER 6: Humanities
American History 1
American History
LOPER 7: Social Science
Introduction to American Politics
Dispositional Requirements (LOPERs 9-10) 26
LOPER 9: Civic Competency and Engagement
Introduction to American Politics
LOPER 10: Respect for Human Diversity
World History to 1600 3
World History since 1600
Program Specified Requirements6
Special Topics in Academic Writing and Research
Teaching in a Democratic Society
Professional Sequence
Complete all required courses 425
Management and Assessment in K-12/Secondary Classrooms
Field Experience in Secondary Classroom
Complete all required courses60
Unrestricted electives
Needed to reach 120 credit hour minimum2
Total Credit Hours120


Social Science Field Endorsement Core Requirements
HIST 299The Historian's Craft3
HIST 496Senior Seminar in History: Variable Topics3
SOSC 370Social Science of the High School3
Select 3 credit hours of the following:3
American History
American History
Select 3 credit hours of the following:3
Western Civilization
Western Civilization
Non-Western World History
Introduction to Latin America
World History to 1600
World History since 1600
Social Science Field Endorsement Advanced Courses
Select 12 credit hours from Advanced History Courses. At least 6 credit hours of the advanced history credit hours must be 400 level courses.
Advanced US History
Select 3 credit hours of the following:3
American Military History
World War I
World War II
History and Film
Women in America
Religion in America
Colonial America 1492-1750
Revolutionary America, 1750-1800
The Early Republic, 1800-1850
The Civil War and Reconstruction
Regional Field Study
History of the Pacific Rim
American Constitutional History I
American Constitutional History II
American Thought and Culture, 1620-1865
American Thought and Culture, 1865-1990
North American Frontiers, 1500-1850
The American West, 1850-Present
The Gilded Age 1870-1898
The United States: 1898-1945
The United States Since 1945
Topical Studies
Independent Study
Advanced Nebraska History
Choose one of the following:3
The Plains Indians
Nebraska and the Great Plains History
Advanced World History
Select 6 credit hours of the following:6
World War I
World War II
English History
English History
History of Sea Power
War and Society
The High Middle Ages 1050-1350
Saints and Sinners
Society and Gender in the Middle Ages
History of Christianity
Women in Europe
Nazi Germany
Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Variable Topics in Latin American History
Comparative Colonialism: Asia and Africa
Colonial India
Modern India
Comparative Studies in Ethnic Conflict
Regional Field Study
British Empire
European Expansion and Exploration
Renaissance and Reformation
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Europe
French Revolution and Napoleon
Imperial Russia
Nineteenth Century Europe
Fascism and Communism in Twentieth Century Europe
Twentieth Century Europe
Soviet Russia
Modern Eastern Europe
Topical Studies
Independent Study
Social Science Field Endorsement Distribution Requirements
Political Science
Select 1 of the following:3
Democracy and Global Citizenship
Introduction to International Relations
Democracy as a Political Idea
Select 3 credit hours of the following:3
PSY 203General Psychology3
Select 3 credit hours of the following:3
PSY 300 - PSY 499 6
SOC 100Introduction to Sociology3
ECON 270Principles of Economics, Macroeconomics3
ECON 271Principles of Economics, Microeconomics3
Select 3 credit hours of the following:3
GEOG 104World Regional Geography3
GEOG 106Human Geography3
Select 3 credit hours of the following:3
Total Credit Hours60

A student that selects HIST 250 for General Studies should take HIST 251 for the Lower-division US History requirement. A student that selects HIST 251 for General Studies should take HIST 250 for the Lower-division US History requirement.


Designated courses with the appropriate content may be approved to satisfy one of the Broad Knowledge requirements plus LOPER 9 or Broad Knowledge plus LOPER 10. Courses may be approved to satisfy LOPER 9 or LOPER 10 alone. (Courses satisfying LOPER 9 or LOPER 10 alone must be 3 credit hours.) Students applying this option will need to take additional hours in other categories to meet the required GS hours.


A student that selects HIST 230 for LOPER 6 should take HIST 210HIST 211HIST 212HIST 215, or HIST 231 for the Lower-division World History requirement. A student that selects HIST 231 for LOPER 6 should take HIST 210HIST 211HIST 212HIST 215, or HIST 230 for the Lower-division World History requirement.


Students must apply for admission to all Teacher Education programs.


Except PSCI 388


Except PSY 388


Except ECON 388


Except GEOG 388